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graph paper for beadwork

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  • graph paper for beadwork

    I'm looking for a web site that might have graph paper for loom beading that I can print off.

    Does anyone know of a site?

    I'm just getting tired of using regular graph paper and getting the measurements wrong.

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    Hey Majii!

    One off of the top of my head is

    It has a few different types of graph paper in sz 11, 14, and peyote stitch. Let me know if you need some more.

    SHAKE IT!!!!


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      You can also try :)
      Happy beading


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        Those two don't work for me. I need a way to make circle patterns. Trial and error has cost me 40 hours for the first project. Any hints?


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          Singing otter,

          Thanks , that helped me a lot.


          The only way I do circular designs is to draw it on paper. I use a "Sulky Pen" it has an ink that once it's on paper it makes an iron-on transfer. Once you've ironed it on to your work area, It should be easy for you to bead on since your design is already printed on the fabric.
          I hope this helps.


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            Thanks but I'm using a loom. I did go back and print out the loom #11 paper and enlarged it 16% to fit my #10 bead. I'll check to see if this works out.


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              There's a site with a size ten graph... Lemme see if I can dig it up.
              SHAKE IT!!!!


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                anyone know where i can find round rosettegraph paper online?? i want to make different patterns in my projects but i can't dop them without paper... thanks!
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                  Hey Kelli,

                  Try and do a search in their beadwork forum. Lotsa stuff there. :)
                  SHAKE IT!!!!


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                    Somebody asked for a round peyote

                    Loom graph paper and patterns
                    SHAKE IT!!!!


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                      for those who want to know: enlarging 11 paper 16% does not give 10 paper.


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