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  • rosettes

    i would like to find some different designs on some beaded rosettes, if somebody has any suggestions or sites. Also what is the best material to get started working on the rosettes. What is recommended size beads to work on to make a good designs ;)

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    I've only beaded a couple of rosettes. I beaded them on canvas that was stretched (not to tightly) on a wooden frame. Once the rosette was done, I glued it to a leather disc and added some edge beading. I used the two-needle applique and I think I beaded them with 11's.

    If your canvas is stretched too tight, it may distort the rosette when it's finished and cut loose.

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      Put a piece of thin cardboard (much like a cigarette carton weight) behind your beading and the canvas as you work. This will keep your beads flat and even. The prettiest rosette work is 13/0 cuts.


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        What I find is good to bead on is stiff felt. You can find it in the craft store. They come in sheets and different colours. Get some primer, paint the whole sheet, but don't use to much primer. Even water it down a little. Use just enough to stiffen it up a little more, but not to much where you can't poke your needle through. It is pretty much manditory to use the primer though. When you have you've finished you project and you getting ready to to do the edge the and backing. With the barttet and backing put together, use fabric glue(a healthy portion) to put it together. Use as much as you need so that you can't feel the tied knots of the beadwork. Don't use the glue right to the edge of the piece because you won't be able to sew the edge. Yet go fairly close to the edge. Remember to use a good portion. You can even bend the barrette so it's nicely shaped. Then let dry for a day. The next day or hours later it's ready for the edge. It may sound bothersome to do all that, but I find it's really easy to bead on. This way your beadwork does not buckle of fray. That's what I use for my hair ties, barettes, and stuff like that. Anyways if you need more detail than that, e-mail me.


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          When I do rosettes I bead on rubber sheeting (I think that's what it's called - the stuff they make baby-changing pads out of). I usually use 13/0 charlotte cut beads, but if you're just starting out I'd start with 10/0 or 11/0 sizes and work your way down in size as you get better. I do all the beadwork and back it with leather, with a piece of milkjug plastic sandwiched in-between for a stiffener. It works pretty good, because it's flexible but holds up pretty well. You can put a leather thong tie on them or a barrette.


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