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beading moccs with 13/0's

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  • beading moccs with 13/0's

    I'm planning on beading a pairs of moccs as a gift for a friend & will be using 13/0's. If I double size A thread & wax it well, will this be strong enough to hold beads on moccs? Any other suggestions?

    Thanks! :)

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    what you are doing will be OK, but try to use a thicker thread if you can, like a size B. It will hold up better.



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      Thanks, Tipis! I wasn't sure if size B thread would go through cuts if it was doubled. The pair of moccs will be my next project after I am finished with these beaded pieces for my friend's gourd sash. 13/0's can be a pain in the butt (like they are right now) but I love to work with Charlottes. :)


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        a size b doubled should go through most of the beads since a size D will go through them, but since the holes sometimes vary in size, you will probably find alot of beads that it won't go through. Well that and your biggest worry will be if the eye part of the needle will go through. Try using a smaller than the bead sized sharps to help eliminate some of this problem.
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          Size B will go through fine doubled, especially since you are only passing through the bead once doing lazy stitch.

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