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  • heddle loom beadwork

    Dear Folks.....A while back we had a discussion of heddle loom beadwork and who makes heddles. There was a guy in Wisconsin first name Jim. Does anyone have a contact for him??? I have lost his phone number and need to order some heddles.

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    Parson's Trading Post in Wisconsin Dells, WI carried various sizes of heddles the last time I was there. Give them a ring at 608-254-8533.

    Also, there was a large article in Whispering Wind magazine several years ago that had diagrams for making the heddles yourself if you were so inclined. If you want that, I can look for the diagram.


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      Ok so this is obviously not my area of expertise... would someone please tell me what a heddle is?
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        A heddle is a piece of specially cut wood that made for doing loom beadwork with. It allows loom beadwork to done like a rug is woven. When doing this beadwork there are 2 warp strings between each bead and the heddle is what allows those strings to crisscross back and forth around the string the beads are actually on. It produces loom work quickly with very straight sides to the work. Just takes forever to string the loom up...LOL.

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          OldMan on the board also sells them.
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