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    I've seen it done a few times and I happen to enjoy watching it. Especially when there are great dancers who know what they are doing!!:)


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      There's a story I've heard that goes with the chicken dance and grass dancing. Lot's of meaning to it.


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        wallace lemons....TELL TELL...what is the story??? I wanna know....

        I also want to add that I like to watch the grass dancers dance to the chicken dance...there are some really good dancers that can dance to the chicken dance beat...:)


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          You got that right! I think it's great the Grass Dancer's dance to the Chicken Dance beat. Guy Fox is a Grass dancer and a Chicken dancer too, isn't he???
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            Chicken dance

            One story I was told was that originally grass dancers used actual grass braids and performed the original grass dance like I've seen Kenny Scabbyrobe and other senior dancers do it. Then some of the contemporary guys came along with the yarn and contemporary style. The elders said wait a minute and stopped the contemporary guys for a while. Since they could not grass dance they came up with the chicken dance. After a while they let the contemporary guys go back to grass dancingt. Some drums when they do a grass dance that turns into a chicken dance will actually stop the drum after the first verse of a grass dance song to signify the stoppage for the elders to consider the new style, and then start the chicken dance beat. Then they sort of blend back in to a regular grass dance beat for the last verse or two to signify the return of the grass dancers in the more contemporary style.


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              Thanks.....wallace lemons....that's kool....never knew that :D

              The guys that i know that dance grass can really kick it up to the chicken dance beat...i really enjoy watching them at all the pow-wow's :) there is also this chicken dancer that was head man dancer at a recent pow-wow that i went to i forgot his name but i think his last name is Redshirt anyway he is al real GOOD chicken dancer :) Keep it up...lata peeps :Angel2

              ndnpride....I am not familiar w/ MR GUY FOX....but does anyone else know


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                Up North

                Prairie Chicken Dancing has always been Prairie Chicken. Actually here on the Northern Rez's the Prairie Chicken Dance style was before Traditional Bustle. Around here in the Northwest tribes..........Fancy Bustle Dancing was introduced around the late 60's and early 70's.........and Grass was introduced, up here anyways..........mid 80's.
                The story I was told was...People of the Northern Plains and the Plateau Tribes imitate the mating dance of the Praire Chicken. In the late fall the male Prairie Chicken struts around noisly, running and ducking in and out in a fast drumming motion. Our elders tell us that a young man was sent out on a vision quest. While he was on the prairie, he heard a song. He sat up to see the prairie chicken doing a dance to this song. The singing to the Prairie Chicken Dance is somewhat similar to the Grass Dance but it has a faster beat with stops and vibrations of the drum.
                This is what I was told anyways......;)


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                  Oh yeah......Guy Fox used to dance grass when he was younger and was pretty good..........but I'm positive that he strictly dances Prairie Chicken now.
                  Other awesome Prairie Chicken Dancers who dance old style is Frenchy SiJohn, a Coeur d'Alene and Louie Mcdonald, Flathead!!!!Ow...go cuz!!


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                    At a powwow last summer some of the chicken dancers (Guy, Dustin, Lex) struggled outta their outfits into grass outfits and tore it up in one grass special! :clap:


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                      Blackfeet Original Dance Style

                      In relation to the discussion on tribal identity, the Old Style Chicken Dance, which is making its way to popularity amongst the Indian pow-wow and gatherings, has its own history.

                      This dance originated with the Blackfeet People. In the beginning it was referred to as the Chicken Dance Society. It has been found that no bustle was used. Today there are different types of bustles being used, which is part of the area of competition. Many times in competition you hear announcers or sponsors call for a certain type of bustle. The oldest type was a small belt with a tail. As with the Ojibway jingle dress, the dance adapts itself to the competition, and sacred and ceremonial are not part of competitive dancing.

                      Finally, in relation to pow-wows and other Indian gatherings, it has become a way for Native People to share, have intertribal communications and competitions, while still maintaining the unique ways of each tribe.

                      -- Joyce Spoonhunter


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                        i like watching grass dancers get down to the chicken dance beat.
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                          I'm definitely diggin' the grass dancers dancin' 2 chicken beats...I think it's off the hook...then again I dig anything that has to do with chicken dancing...ayee! j/k nah nah...much respect 2 the grass dancers AND the chicken dancers tho...they're ace, no matter what they dancin' to!!
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                            I love watching grass dancers do the chicken dance!!! :p
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                              what i think of grass dancers dancen to chicken dance beat?...well yeah i would have to say i like it when they dance to the beat...but then some grass dancers they kind of get throwen off....but then i think the old style grass dancers look awsome..


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