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    What would you say if someone called your regalia a costume so they dont feel offened or be confused?

    I was in Wal-Mart getting my pictures done in my regalia and this lady goes "I like your costume what does it represent!"

    Then I smile and say Thank You and tell my mom to take it away.
    I always let her explain.
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    Just be polite, they don't even realize that you are going to take offense to what they say.

    This is only an issue to certain people, I know many full bloods that call it a costume. I myself hate the word regalia. I hear it used more often by Oh-my-gawds and wannabees trying to fit in than anyone else. (and no I am not saying you are one of these people) I myself use terms like my dance clothes or my indian clothes or more often than anything else just my outfit.

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    My comments are based on what I have been taught and my experiences over the years I have been around the circle. They should in no way be taken as gospel truths and are merely my opinions or attempts at passing on what I have learned while still learning more.


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      Whats funny is that Regalia is a frech word for.....drum roll....costume-lol

      I guess it sounds better in french huh?
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        I agree with powwowbum49. A lot of the oldtimers call them costumes. Well, and some of us younguns too. It's just what we used growing up. I too hate the word regalia! It sounds so hokey!! I use the words dress, or outfit usually, so as not to offend anyone. Maybe it's an okie thing?? Who knows!


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          I have had one woman, at the Queen's Jubilee here in town, ask me if was ****in Pocahontas!

          I told her no! I am cree, and this is part of my background... frikin dumb ignorant woman:Yell


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            Everything sounds better in French! LOL

            Around when the movie came out, people used to say my daughter looked like Pocahontas...used to bug her to NO end!

            I asked her why and she wailed, "Because Pocahontas is a CARTOOON!!!!! I'm a REAL girl!!!!!"

            'outfit' works for me...I used to call it regalia, but then I thought about it. What do I wear to work? What's me? My 'normal' work or dance clothes are called 'outfits'.
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              i know when i was younger i used to refer to my "regalias" as costumes it was just another word for me but i know i got a god chewing from a friend of mine that said no it was not a costume but a regalia. i know i was hurt for someone to chew me out like that over a somple word i still slip up and call it a caostume or just whatever comes out first. but i know now around this certain person i never say costume anymore.LOL i just grew up with that term. i know my dad calls it that also so when you think about it it is really confusing, i think
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                I prefer the word "outfit"...I was told that a costume is something you wear when you're pretending to be something that you are not!!!
                Just sharing my 2 cents worth.......... Tess
                My tongue got wrapped around my eye teeth, and I couldn't see what I was saying...


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                  ndn outfit

                  I agree with Ulinawi, costumes are worn to portray something you aren't.......i personally can't stand when people call my ndn outfit a "costume" or "regalia" to me it's an entity all it's own. I take care of my dresses & beadwork, smudge them & all that good stuff so that they're good to me when i'm out there dancing.
                  I guess peeps use those terms cuz they aren't really sure what else to call em, which i completely understand. It's not worth gettin' all upset about, but i personally don't like it.

                  *BE EASY*


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                    Costume, Dress, Regalia, Outfit, Other?

                    It is interesting that some argue about how words from a different culture or language are used to describe things in our culture.

                    I think that many would be suprised to learn what the origin and meaning of words like "costume, dress, regalia, outfit" and others really are.

                    I asked a friend of mine that got her degree in Fashion Merchandising and she said that the word "costume" is a serious and technical word in the fashion industry referring to clothing used for a specific reason. She told me that can be everything from formal clothing for the symphony to the special clothing used in a culture for an event or ceremony.

                    Unfortunately the word costume in our society usually means some kind of clothing for a fun party or clothing for make believe.

                    I find myself using many terms including "costume, dress, regalia, outfit" and others. I see them as just synonyms in today's language.


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                      This topic is somewhat confussing. By that I mean it can make a head spin and a heart beat fast. I can see people, (well actually me) with a high anxiaty levels hyper-ventilating at the thought of what to call it. Does anyone have a lunch bag, I sure could use it right now

                      On a more serious note, this topic is very interesting :Thinking, and I am learning a lot here today. :46:

                      I think I will just ask the person wearing the :dontknow: what he/she calls it. Then no one will be offended or embarrassed :Blush :)
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                        TOO LATE

                        I wouldn't really care about making THEM feel offended, because they've already offended ME by calling my outfit a 'costume.' Some dude came up to me last weekend and said, "Love your costume." & I just said, "It's not a costume, buddy!" & turned the other way. Some of you might think it's rude or whatever, but if I'm offended, I'm not gonna keep being nice to someone if I don't want to.
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                          I just call my dance clothes...."my dance clothes".

                          Costume kind of sounds like something from a Halloween party or costume party. Regalia sound like something a soldier would wear.

                          "Dance clothes" works for me.


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                            Everything sounds better in French! LOL
                            "C'est la merde..."

                            Regalia sounds - regal - another culture that likes to call its cultural attire "regalia" are the Scotts when they refer to their kilts and all of the Highlander doings. Costume colloquially sounds like you're dressing up to go trick-or-treating but in all reality, the word is just as respectful as anything when used in proper context.

                            I know Orthodox Jews who wear a prayer shawl, skullcap, tefillin (leather boxes on the forehead and left arm), and most people respectfully refer to that as "garb" - the root word for garbage, perhaps?

                            I tend to use the term, "outfit". I hear some guys refer to their outfits as their "rigs". I've heard elders say "costume" and I'm NOT going to correct an ELDER. Well, if they're pouring battery acid on my car I might ask them to pour in a different direction or maybe throw in a little baking soda but you know what I mean.
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                              Some very good points on this subject from all.

                              Thanks Wakalapi, I had forgotten about the term "garb." I have heard that used a few times. Now that I think about it a friend who is a Martial Arts Master uses that word alot. He refers to his Samuri clothing and complete Samuri Armor as "garb" sometimes. And believe me tradition is very serious to Martial Art Masters.

                              I checked and the word means any kind of clothing or fashion, and can also refer to the whole dress or "suit" of clothes worn for a particular purpose. Which makes me think that one could refer to our clothing as a "suit" also.

                              It appears that this is one of those subjects in which ones ideas are completely based on ones conotative and denotative meanings of words in the English Language. In this case it pretty much boils down to what we all have grown up with and how we all feel.

                              With me I can deal with just about any word referring to the clothing as long as I know the person asking or commenting is being nice and really giving me a compliment or really wants to learn something.


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