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    If you're new to Wonder Under (or heat and bond), you iron it to the wrong side of the fabric. Then you cut out your designs (in reverse for something like letters that have to end up facing a certain way) and the fusible covers the whole area, so there's no need to turn the edge under.

    Wonder Under works great with lame'!! If it's not getting hard wear, you don't even need to sew or seal the edges. It oozes through just enough to really hold it, but not gum up your iron. I do suggest a non-stick iron, tho.

    And the paper backing from W.U. makes a great pressing cloth: non-stick.
    For little pieces, lay them in place, cover with the paper backing and press - nothing moves. is what it is...


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      Ok for all you women and men out their who are gifted in the art of design I need some tips on making a grass outfit. I was going to order the Missouri River Pattern to use as a layout of the outfit pattern. But as for the applique part I have no clue. As in first off which should I use ribbon or yarn? I have been told ribbon looks really awsome but cost alot more because it takes alot more to fill in. I am just wanting some opinions on the best ways to put together an outfit.
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        ribbon Vs. Yarn

        My sons first grass outfit was using yarn. it looks ok, but it picked up a lot of grass and small twigs and things like that. it looks nice, and VERY cost effective. you can buy a HUGE thing of yarn at walmart can be purchased for like $1.00 sometimes it goes on sale. my son's newest regaila was make with ribbon. i used the 1/8 inch ribbon that i got in 100 yard spools from Jo Annes. they costed close to $10.00 per spool and i had to buy 4 of them (400 yards at 8 inches) it gives an AWSOME look, but not cost effective. oh, my son is a 2 year old. i can promise you that it will look AWSOME!! With the small ribbon it looks like yarn, w/o the bulk that yarn has. I tied the ribbon like i tie yarn (tied between 2 chairs then loop it over) and it bunches nicely. i think it would look really cool with the 1/4

        inch ribbon on an adult, but my toddler can't carry that yet :) I dont think ill ever use yarn again.

        oh, what ever you do DONT MIX YARN AND RIBBON! ive seen it before, and it just looks odd.

        Anyways, good luck and pm me if you need some help.


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