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Dancing when the drum stops

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  • Dancing when the drum stops

    Just wondering if any of you out there could answer a question.

    When the song has a tail after the third pushup, and the drumming stops, but the singers continue singing, should the dancers stop and wait for the drum or continue dancing.

    I've never noticed this type of Grass Dance song at the Powwows in the SF Bay area, but it is common in honor songs, where everyone pauses until the drum starts up again.

    A friend of mine went to a powwow in the Indiana area, and the folks there kept on dancing through the vocal only tail.

    As long as the question of when to dance in up, I have heard song, on tapes, where the singers tap their sticks against the side of the drum for Grass Songs. I've always assumed that the dancers would start normally after the lead. But scratching my head, I've never seen this style of song in a contest.

    Maybe I just need to get out of the SF Bay Area, but could you folks from elsewhere care to comment. Are these regional differences?:Thinking


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    I think that you would stop, I do. Most of my footwork goes off the drum;ba boom ba boom ba boom ba BOOM BOOM BOOM BOOM! then you stop then slowly start back up again thats how I usually dance to it, I've seen many others do the same but they totally stop! just freeze no jingling or nothing 'til the drums plays again. But I'm still learning a lot about the art of grass dancing and every nation has its own style it seems. :)
    "I Ahula Ula"
    Enjoying the ride.


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      Man I am sorry its boom boom boom boom BOOM BOOM BOOM BOOM! I had the other beat pounding away in my mind all day!
      "I Ahula Ula"
      Enjoying the ride.


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        I've seen grass dancers at one place stop when the drum isn't beating but the singers are still singing. I think they look awkward standing out there very still while there is singing. I'm not a grass dancer but I'd always dance to the song.



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          i have always been told that you keep dancing. cause you are dancing to the song.



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            i agree
            dance to the song, not the drum
            sometimes it feels funny cause youre the only one doing so, but thats what i was taught to do
            all real men have both bustles


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              That's what I was taught too. Dance the song, not the drum.

              Build a man a fire and you warm him for a night. Set a man on fire and you warm him for the rest of his life.


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                Thanks for the replies. Its seems once again that there are many answers. :)


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