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Where did grass originate from?

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    This is very good to hear.

    I like what i've heard. I've heard some if not most of these stories. There are a few that I haven't heard. Thanks for the info. :p
    Take care all. See you in the funny papers. :) Or maybe even the next powwow.


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      The way I heard it

      long ago young men were sent out to scout. Many times they didnt return. Cause they were young men they were not allowed to wear the eagle feather. Instead they wore the plume. On return they reported what they saw and would dance to show of their ability to move like the grass. They were recon so their outfits were made of grass...for camo. Because they were scouts it was also their job to find a new spot for camp. They would trample the grass to mark the spot for those that followed. And from what I heard it was the Cree that started this tradition. From here it spread across Indian Country like wild fire. I heard it was Ron McNab That was the original grassdancer. He keeps it up today, way to go
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        from what i've heard, that omaha dance got transferred in different directions. then there was a young man who received instructions on how to carry out this dance, as a way of bringing him back into the life and activities of his band. the instructions included a certain way to handle this slough grass, so that it could be made into a bustle. he took this very seriously and followed the instructions. from what i've heard, that's how that dance got that name.


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          Hey Ol Ron told me that one too one time, almost had me believing!! ayez.

          yeah once again, we all had our dances, just cause grass it what's left doesn't mean that was it, it's an accumulation of a whole lotta tribes coming together, inter-tribal marrying and accepting what's good over all these 1000's of centuries.

          I'm tired, dang I need sleep!

          Have you ever thought that 'we' as natives that the human genesis was here (america's) and it was the bands who left here and migrated to the new world (england/africa/russia) and then they became black, white, asian and all, then come back here and called us new, cause they just didn't know?
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