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Women Drum Judges?

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    women judging a singing contest

    I guess it depends where you are from. around where I come from women
    should not do this because our culture says its a mans place. I believe that we still must have respect for this since i see no women judging yet. I am not saying its wrong or anything like that. I just think we should have respect for our old ones who kept our culture alive. And we should not change tradition,
    this is what makes us native.


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      I dont have a problem with the older women judging singing contests, its just the younger ladies who are immature and impartial. Thats who I'm saying shouldnt judge singing contests. But as for the older women, I have no problem with it. Just keep it real. :Angel2


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        I really hate to take sides on an issue that has valid points on both sides. But, since it is an opinion: I don't think women should judge drums. I am not saying women don't hear as well,or are not able to make sound judgements,or are man-crazy (that was pretty low). It is just as "man to man" said, it was not originally done, and the rights of the drum are basically for the men. Women accentuate by their backup singing, which is even more evidence of how things work together when everyone takes their designated spot. This is an honor too, to be a women singer. At home, only designated women are allowed to sit at a closed drum. Maybe my opinion seems old fashioned, but that is how I feel about this issue. My husband is a singer, and truthfully, he prefers men judging. Especially other singers who know what they are looking for.


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          women judges? Naw
          I'm only here to provoke a reaction because I can!


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            The world would be different if everyone thought the same


            Thank you people for the good laugh

            go on

            go on
            Believe in who you are!

            Be Proud!

            Stay connected!


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              re: women judges

              always one in the crowd


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