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  • Different Beats?? trying to learn to sing backup and although I have been powwowing since i was a little girl I am still having a hard time learning the different types of beats (ie...double beats etc.) So if you guys/girls could help me would be greatly appreciated.


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    Ummmmmmmmmmmm ok


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      What exactly are you asking?


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        try pinching....haha:D


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          diff beats

          dont really understand your ? were on a northern lakota drum,the beats we use could be a fast fancy, two-step, slow honor beats, and so on, keep asking it nevew hurts.
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            Hold on. Let me type the beats out for you. Hmmm?


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              Don't be drum whipped... whip that drum. Bang... Bang... Bang Bang Bang.

              -Kool Beats


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                LOL.......k well I guess the reason why I asked this question was because I went to Ann Arbour powwow this weekend and they asked the drummers to have a song for the traditional mens (and the beat was like that of a crow hop) but they didnt call it a crow hop (the name slipped my mind) and so i wanted to know the differences between like a double beat and side step....because they kinda sound the same.....or the difference between (that traditional mens "crow hop") from a normal crow hop..

                LOL if that makes sence to anyone......lmao


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                  It was probably a chicken dance.


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                    It was a trot song. I can't believe they called for a trot song for men's traditional. There were two southern dancers. One knew his stuff. The other guy probably just wanted to dance southern. Two northern dancers could do the trot song very well. Everybody else did a crowhop.


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                      Thank-you kiwehnzii...that's exactly the answer I was aiming I had the name on the tip of my tongue and just couldn't remember. Anyways thank you for reminding me. So do only southern dancers dance this? And how do they dance to this song? If you can help me with this one that would be just great...hehehe


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                        Trot song is a southern dance.

                        It's hard to describe. It's better to see for yourself. Anyways the dancers look good.


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                          There were 2 of that type song sang that weekend that I heard. NDN Ave sang a Horse stealing (which is basically the same kinda beat/song just from a different tribe) song when called for a crow hop. Unless a southern group has composed a crow hop just for contest singing or has converted an actual crow hop to southern style, that is a type song that is not normally southern. The trot/horse stealing is the closest thing to the crow hop beat traditionally sang by southern drums and is often used when called on for a crow hop.

                          It did surprise me as well that a trot was called for, for the tradish men, but then if they had called for a crow hop more than likely Whitehawk would have sang a trot anyway.

                          As for how it is danced....well Kiwehnzii is right, it's hard to explain. The best way I can describe it is a 'prancing' step, since in this dance the men are immolating horses. Ladies also participate in this dance and their part is more of a shuffle step and they are acting as if they are herding/arounding up the horses (i.e., the men).

                          Hope that helps.

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