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    After last weekend do you think that the drum contest was fair?? I think it was but a couple of drums that should've got in there were Snake Island and NDN Ave. What are your opinions???

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    I am one of the older singers on Snake Island and I would just like to say that I understand our not placing at Ann Arbor. My 17 year old son missed our judged contest song Saturday night and I'm sure there were many deductions because of this.

    Thats the way it goes, I still had a great time singing and listening to all the other group's styles especially Bear Creek, Smokeytown, NdN Avenue, Whitetail, Little Otter and Mystic.

    You can't have a powwow without a drum!


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      Tuff break Snake guys sounded tight but...i guess he'll know now eh??


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        I'm only here to provoke a reaction because I can!


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          1st- Whitefish Jrs
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          Something strange going on here. First, the drum rules state that any rules can be altered, deleted or changed at any time during the weekend. Why have rules????

          Next thing, the same judges are used for every song judged. ****, they're going to judge the same way each time.
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