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    big pow wow's should start a smoke dance singing contest, lot of wicked singing out in IROQUOIS country that's when you'll here some good dance tunes!!!!!!!!what do you think?

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    yeah that would be good but the only smoke dance singer that i can really jam to is Bill Crouse. who else would and could sing smoke dance around the trail. Bill would be my first vote!!!!!


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      what about stomp dance caller contest?
      Tha-ke'-tha-pi Wa-kon-ta


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        I'm only here to provoke a reaction because I can!


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          smoke dance singing contest

          Bill is one of the few left that can really sing smoke dance well. I'll miss dancing to Kyle because he had that fast steady beat where Bill's is a lot's hard to explain. lol But if the guys would try it out it would be fun to watch.
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            not everybody knows the smoke dance style of songs. So I would have to say there shouldnt be a separate singing contest for these people. If there were, you know the same person would get it over and over.
            Theres just not enough competition out there.


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              there's plenty of young guys out there in iroquois country that sing, it would give them a chance to get out in the world with their talent!

              Some Iroquois have learned northern style, it can go both ways!

              Narrow minds lead to narrow paths! We're just passing ideas around here..........


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                I think smoke dance contest would be ok in that part of the country. We don't have the need for smoke dance in Oklahoma, South Dakota, Montana, etc. But in the east I say go for it. It wouldn't hurt.
                Tha-ke'-tha-pi Wa-kon-ta


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                  why not begin with pw's that have smoke dance contest? along with that, have a singing contest.


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                    This would be very interesting seeing that Iroquois have what they call socials/sings. Do they ever compete, singing and dancing wise at these events? Is this allowable? One thing that I have noticed regarding the smoke dance is that the song is pretty much the same one, would this make smoke dance singers compose new songs, as well would it be that interesting judging a singer singing the same song as the other singer?
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                      we have a sing at thanksgiving time and at easter time. this allows groups from different iroquois nations to come and sing off some of thier best songs and to meet new people.but the groups do not compete they just come to have fun and sing. then after all the groups sing, they eat and after start a "BIG" social. so i guess you can say it is similar to a powwow but no for socials,we just have socials when there is nothing going on or sometimes socials can be held as fundraisers.


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                        that is true you do hear the same songs over and over at powwows. but some other and older guys sing some different songs. but i guess everyone is just used to the Bill Crouse smoke dance singing, which i think are the best


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                          While some are not very fond of competition powwows for various reasons, the inclusion of Smoke Dances could be a wonderful and unique "breath of fresh air."

                          It would definately increase the broad scope of Native America to both participants and spectators.

                          And there are plenty of songs out there that most of Native America has not even heard. I recently attended a powwow here in the mid-west in which some Eastern people did a special of Smoke Dances. I was amazed at how many Natives there (rather mature dancers too and from all over)) had never witnesed this great dance. But I did see some of these "rather mature dancers from all over" give the Smoke Dancers a hard time about dancing the other way... - as always some people never seem to understand the vast differences in the Native American Culture.


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                            Smoke Dance Singing Contest.......oh yeah.... Thumbs up all the way on that one.....I think it's something that's a few years overdue even....

                            Contrary to some people's beliefs on here there are A LOT of singers that can JAM smoke dance. Maybe not all of them can talk on a mic like Bill Crouse, but give them a drum and look out.... There's been an influx of newer songs over the past few years and a competition like this might spur a growth in that respect.....all I can see is better and more exciting smoke dance competitions as a result. Considering how much a fav dance style this is for a lot of spectators and pow-wow people can you vote no.....

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                              I think a smoke dance singing contest is a good idea out east. I just don't think you are going to have the support at dances out west. But who knows maybe the next smoke dance sing champ will be Kiowa?
                              Tha-ke'-tha-pi Wa-kon-ta


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