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    For those of us that are not from the east, what exactly IS a smoke dance? I know of some NW Coastals that have a Smoke House powwow but it is a sacred event where one gets their face painted a specific way, and then sits with a hand drum, singing alone and praying. What y'all are talking about is obviously not the same. But based on Sewatahon'satat's description of Smoke Dance songs coming from a longhouse and not belonging in a powwow atmosphere, I am just wondering what they are.
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      :Yell I don't think that this dance would be welcome at our powwows out here. I have seen this dance in my travels in the last few years and it was interesting and all that but it took away from the flow of the powwow. I could see it as a special during dinner break but not during the intertribal or contest time. As a dancer and singer, I heard many other dancers and singers complain about the inconvenience they felt because of this dance.

      People, you have to understand that we go through great expense and time to attend powwows to dance and sing and when the flow is interrupted, it sucks! And now people are talking about smoke dance singing contest? The people who own these songs and dances should start their own contest events separate from powwows. I'm not trying to be mean here, just realistic from a powwow dancer/singer's point of view.


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        Geez JBCREE,
        Could ya be more negative. I understand your view, but powwow today is not what it was 20 years ago, and if it wasn't for CHANGE in all sorts of things, we'd still see the same PW's as our parents did. Thats like me saying, "these giveaways + memorials take up a lot of pw time, come on"!! But I respect the "need" for these things to happen at pw's and be patient!!

        We're not looking to get-rich-quick, just give an opportunity for people to "shine" in their talent. This is not a "movement to take over pw world", just a way to sustain our futures!

        I guess contacting committees (Grand River, Mohegan, Schemitz) and see if it is even something they would like to do?? At GR, I'd do some fund raising at first to get the $$. Planning is the key!


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          Jbcree, I agree with what you said. Its bad enough that drum groups hardly get the respect they deserve. Look at skydome powwow, one contest for all singing categories; original, contemporary and southern all compete in one contest. When I asked the committee why they couldn't offer contests in all singing contests, they said they didn't have enough money. Now their offering a new contest in smokedance! Geesh! What about the drums? Forgoten again I guess!
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            I'M sorry I did'nt realize this was just about you and your time I know how you feel waiting for the hand drum contest to get over(no offense boys just making a point)


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              so, is it the opinion of some people that if there is smoke dance + singing contest, you'd rather NOT be at that PW?? (Totally off the original post subject, by the way.) Does that mean some attend PW for your "own reasons", not to visit a community + enjoy what they want to share with you???

              Good point about the combinations in drum contest, that happens lots of places + yes, $$ is usually what determines that. It's not always that there is a lack of respect for the drums from those committees, but what can you do when you are working with a small budget!! Lets face it, where there's $$ + good planning, then you'll see a better break down in drum contest!!

              Every region in the US runs a PW a little bit differently, diff. people value diff. things, it may not be what you hold in high esteem, but that's what makes us individuals. Enjoy those differences!!! Because they end up coming together on a common GROUND!! We don't all come from ONE BIG TRIBE, like the books like to tell our kids, so don't perpetuate that stereotype!!

              And Skydome is in Haudensaunee Country, so I would have to respect having a Smoke Dance contest there, dah! They should even talk about the idea of adding a singing contest to it too. Seems pretty basic, for every dance contest, there would be judging on the singing by those who choose to participate. I know there's more ground that has to be covered, but use drum contest as it is now as a model.


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                Originally posted by skarure

                And Skydome is in Haudensaunee Country, so I would have to respect having a Smoke Dance contest there, dah! They should even talk about the idea of adding a singing contest to it too.
                Skydome is in Toronto, Ontario. That is Mississauga/Ojibway/Chippewa/Potawatomie territory. Ours is a bit south of this area.


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                  I should have said NEAR Haudensaunsee Country!!! So it must be the Mississauga/Ojibway/Chippewa/Potawatomie that put on Skydome??????????????????????????????????????????? ???
                  I guess I don't know what I'm talkin about!!


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                    Actually, Ron Roberts puts on skydome and he claims to be Metis so maybe they should have a square dancing contest and a square dance calling contest too.
                    I'm only here to provoke a reaction because I can!


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                      did you know

                      did you know that saddle lake,onion lake,&poundmaker have all
                      asked for a smoke dance crew to come out to there pw's this year!and put on a contest,now what?sounds good to me.


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                        its sacred!!!!!:(
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                          I guess..........


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                            I like seeing and hearing the smoke dance. It is really a beautiful and exciting dance.I have seen it done in Conn. and at Gathering. I feel that pow wow is intertribal and ALL tribes and their cultures have a right to participate. If the smoke dance is invited into the pow wow circle, then by all means, bring it on!!!! And there should be no problem with having a singing contest, we have hand drum and 49 singing contests. I remember when Oklahoma did not want Northern singing or dancing, and up North there was no Southern at all. Now that has evolved to where we have made really good relationships with each other and respect each others songs and dances. I welcome the eastern tribes and would love to see their dances done at the powwows.


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