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How was the singing in Gatherings?

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  • How was the singing in Gatherings?

    I hear High Noon Took it, then Southern Cree, the Wild Horse.

    Is that how it should have went? How do you think it should have went? Comments for those that were there only please.

    Tell about which drums groups were rocking the house, which drum groups should have been rocking the house...and which drum groups shouldnt have even left the house...
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    High Noon was good, about the usual. They were singing alot of specials and doing alot of singing as an invited drum. Tha Tribe sounded really good to me and should have placed as well as White Lodge (Newtown, Randy Phalon, Edmond Tate, Chubs,) Fly-in-Eagle was jamming. The other drums that did place, really did not catch my ear, but these drums that I mentioned really sang good contests and intertribals. Southern was about right, except Bad Medicine sang awesome contest songs, especially for men's fancy. They should have won something. Sizzortail was full crew and they were really good. I did not agree with the Northern Singing, but the Southern was pretty fair. The head Northern Drum Judge came and told High Noon they won before the pow wow was over, I was sitting right there when he did it. Think about that.......


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      Bear Creek (?) they placed 5th and they should have been higher.


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        Who was all singing with High Noon?


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