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Who is your fav. woman backup singer?

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  • Who is your fav. woman backup singer?

    Just curious about everyone's favorite northern woman backup singer(s). My favorite singer is Delia Waskewitch. She has such a strong beautiful voice. Another favorite of mine is Gladys Jefferson.
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    Cheyenne Pyawasit.... Smokeytown Singers!!!!!!! :Thumbs
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      Delia for sure - and the ladies from Smokeytown - never heard them live, but the boys say they rock!
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        Nellie two Bulls,Sissy Good house.
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          Probably those Smokey Town females and that one female for Bear Creek. Umm.....and probably thats all.


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            Definitely the lady from Bear Creek. She sings pretty much the entire two verses. She doesn't even wait for the pitch of the song to drop. I was amazed when I heard her.

            And for southern... the lady with Yellow Hammer. I don't think Yellow Hammer had women singing on their previous recordings but the lady on the new recording makes a big difference.

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              back up

              Gladys Jefferson, Sheila Ryder, and Adaline Okanee. I am not too interested about them Youngbird girls... you need to have your heart into.


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                Best women's back up i'd have to say is Lynn Smoke, Joni Shawana, Kiki McGregor....these ladies are from Ontario and sing wit numerous groups here.....but dang they can sing, they like got this awesome rhythm to their voice, So if your at a pow-wow in Ontario check them out you'll be amazed........Oh and of course Kit Landry from BearCreek,she rocks.....Yeah man these are my girls....they are cool, so if yall want to learn to sing jus ask them, they'll give you a few pointers, or jus go talk to them.


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                  Fav. woman backup singer....

                  Kit from Bear Creek has my vote. :) Man, that girl has some pipes there eh? Heard her and Bear Creek at ASU Pow wow and at GON and they rocked!!


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                    Fav. Back up singer ?

           all time fav would Delia Waskewitch she's awesome person. i talk with her often she's just a kool lady "wassup Dee?" and another one from back in the day she use to back up pigeon lake janine goodwin i think her name is she's awesome... umm Val Chief she's pretty good. kit laundry for bear creek. i think she's awesome right now... marie gaudet is another good singer in Ontario, hanv't seen her around lately...she's awesome...but thats all for now i guess...:D :D


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                      I think Kit ,from Bear creek, can JAM!!!!....she's high picthed voice and she just compliments the guys...she's what's in right now....I also like Jodi shawana...i think that's her name...not sure....she sometimes sings with the boys from T.O.
                      anyhow she's a cool *** back up singer too!...Who agrees???!!

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                          I don't know her name right off hand, and she's actually leading alot, but the woman from Spearfish (Yakama rez). Gus' wife, maybe?
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                            the MYSTIC girls can jam !!!!!


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                              to all the women who sing........ that is great and i would not just chose a person i would chose all the grandmothers who SIT behind a drum and sing. who never open up there mouths too wide and who you can't tell they're singing but they still blast. i love to watch the older women sing.
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