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    i just heard a youth singing group this past week-end played on our local ndn radio station klnd. this group of singers consist of 4th & 5th grade boys from the standing rock elementary school. these boys really impressed me. sang some good straight songs plus they also sang some traditional lakota songs.
    the one song that impressed me the most was that veterans memorial song they sang. need more young kids like these boys. does any one have groups like this from there rez that sing by themselves and are learning the traditional songs. would be nice to hear these groups on the national native air waves since it is something positive for all ndn people. "peace"

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    coming up

    yup yup...I'm from SR and those guys are doing something positive. Some other drums that can sing with the best of them are Crazy Horse Jrs, Wanbli Teca from SD, young doods too. One.


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      My family is also from SR, though I haven't been back in 20yrs, and it makes me glad whenever I hear good news about youth at the Rock. Out in Washington there are a couple of "youth drums" I hear quite of a few powwows, one is Sauk Beux' (sp?) from the Sauk-Suiattle Tribe near Darrington, the other is Golden Eaglets from Nespelem (they are the "next generation" of the Golden Eagle drum group). I've also seen a few kids from the Tulalip Heritage School get involved in singing, when in the past some of them would just be horseplaying outside of the powwows while their parents/siblings danced. It is good to see and hear about all of this happening now.
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        re: youth drum group

        heard this drum group a the sr school pow-wow sounded awesome. these boys even sang an honor song. i was very happy to be ndn that day. our youth are finally learning our way of life. so much love out to the little warrior drum group from sr elementary school.


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          It is really nice to hear about these youth drum groups from the other Rez's... we have a couple from around here that are up and coming... The Red Horse Singers and Callin' Eagle. Both are youth drums and are full of dancers of all catagories.... they both are experienced in hosting also.
          Please encourage our youth to continue doing their best especially in the Circle.
          Happy Trails!....


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            re; youth drum group

            i remember another drum group that was from rosebud i think their name was eagle creek. i remember when they all started out as young boys, now they are all young men and are still singing together.


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              I had the Honor of listenin to Wanbli Teca last summer here in Wisconsin and they made my weekend hearing them sing, their father has done a great job with his sons!!!! :Thumbs
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                thundar boyz from ohio

                if you all ever see this name on a flyer, go , these 3 young boys+dad are just awsome!!! its sad to say that the dad had to leave mystic river because of bad things....
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                  I just want to mention an up and coming drum group here out of the Red Lake Rez...Their name is Red Creek....They're comprised of young singers that were on the high school drum in the past, along with some new faces as this drum group is growing one by one. A lot of the songs that they sing are those traditional songs that are sung here in Northern Minnesota and these songs go way back....These young men sing these songs in a way that just keeps the dancers out in the arena no matter what type of song or how old the song is........and thats what makes this drum group a very good one.....They've hosted only a few pow-wow around in the local area but their rising popularity is one of the reasons why people on the pow-wow circuit should look forward to hearing from them.... RED CREEK coming to a pow-wow near you....



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                    re: youth singing group

                    these post are what i agree with as good telling all the knew youth drum groups in ndn country. not should the youth sing or not. so keep all the youth drum groups coming. "peace"


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                      Have to agree with Eagle Eyes.. Thunder Boyz were awesome at IU.
                      The youngest one belted out a song that captivated everyone. It brought tears to my eyes and , in fact it only happened one other time and that is when I heard another awesome singer the first time a couple of years ago.
                      I will love to see where these kids will wind up in their future.
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