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    WISE UP!!

    What you people must understand is that there are other things that you can get your children into other than pow wows.
    Today the drugs involved with singing and dancing is extreme!!
    It is not a very wise choice to enroll the youth in todays pow wow system. I've sang many years and have expierienced this lifestyle first hand to say that my children will not sing until they are old enough and strong enough. No matter how good a child can be raised it is unpredictable of whom will say no.
    For singing the voice must rest when you are young. Of course the voice sounds strong and all that, but come time to maturity the voice does not reach maturity as it should, unless by sheer fluke. This is from a Native American doctor who studied this and is convinced that boys should not sing.
    Get your children enrolled in dance or sport, singing is too powerful for the youth.

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    HUH??????????????????????????????:Eyepopper :Thinking :JawDrop :dontknow: :dontknow: :dontknow:

    Get your children enrolled in dance or sport, singing is too powerful for the youth.
    You mean like BALLET?And there is no drugs in sports????

    Hate is for FOOLS!And fools like m&ms come in all colors

    I am ready to tell you my secret now,I see dumb people,.I see them everywhere.They dont know they're dumb,they only see what they want to see.That weird feeling which make the hair on your neck stand up....thats them!


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      re: youth

      i can see where your coming from about the drugs and alcohol. but this is all a part of life. we can't protect our children forever. i think we all expirienced with drugs and alcohol does this make us all bad. all we can do is pray for our children and hope they choose the right road. and this is kinda of extreme to do to your children just so they won't use. but i have respect for your descision since it is your children. peace


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        Everybody has choices in life. One can choose to use drugs or one can choose not to use drugs. Whether we like it or not, drugs are a problem in our everyday life and not just at pow-wows. We as parents just have to educate our children about drugs and guide them toward the right path. I get my children involved in pow-wows but they also play basketball, softball, volleyball, and attend many school events. But drugs are still involved in sports and unfortunately school. I was raised in the pow-wow world all of my life and I do not use drugs. My mother also was raised around pow-wows and she did not use drugs. There are always positive and negative aspects of an activity a person chooses to become involved with but one must go with what is right for his or her family. We may not always understand a person's choice but we must always respect their decision.
        :huddle: Learn to associate with the white man, learn his ways, get an education. With an education, you are his equal; without it, you are his victim. - Chief Plenty Coups, Crow


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          Well I raised 5 of my 6 kids around the drum and they have all turned out great. There is drugs and alcohol everywhere, that is why as parents you teach them through example, and real discussions about the consequences. Living in the community, they have gone to many funerals and seen the worst consequence first hand, also they have seen peers go to jail. We have brought them in to OSP for the Pow-Wows and those friends have really helped educate them. Two did experiment, but both came back to a more healthy lifestyle. My boy is lazier than hell and his only focus is Pow-Wows--don't know how he is going to support a family, but I support him (although not his lazy, can't make frybread, modern girl..LOL) for being true to himself. I still have two that might make those choices as they head into their teens, but I think that they will do as well as their older siblings. ALL my kid's voices remained strong and they started when they were around 7 years old, so it must be some kind of a fluke! David's voice did crack as he grew into it and it lost some strength during his teen years, however we were careful in having him lead too much and discouraged smoking or anything that will hurt the vocal cords WAY more than singing!!! His voice is coming back in stronger than ever now that he is 19. He is sought after by many folks who need another strong singer and for his knowledge about the drum. He doesn't just know the songs, but he knows what song to sing for what occasion. He also knows the reasons for a singing a certain song, many of the interpretations of blackfeet songs and most important of all, the spirit of the drum. Many new drummers learn the songs/techniques and don't stay around long enough with those that know to really find out that part. I have seen this young man teach much older men why they are doing what they are doing. Although he doesn't have much patience for those that think they know something when it is obvious they are just fakes. They have also been active in all kinds of sports, artwork, community service, sweats, sundances, washat services, and lots of other entertainment from the old game boy to hiking--my kids are just too damm busy to do anything but be pretty damm good!!:D :D


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            hmmmm.....where do I start.....

  're still off the mark....drugs in the pow-wow world is not's all the people you pow-wow with. You should use your experiences to parent your children and tell them what's out there so they can make informed choices....denying them their heritage because first, you say it's not tradition to allow kids to sing until they're 18 and now because the lifestyle's too wild for a kid....that's irresponsible. You haven't stayed with an argument yet that works for you.

            Let me say this...I, too have experienced these things first hand that you talk about, but it's not pow-wows to blame. It's depression, being poor, insecurity, etc. that lead to these things. The same things happen everywhere. Extreme?? Not even, with what's out there today. So go ahead and get your children involved with other things, you're they're daddy after all, but when they come to you when they're in college (which is wayyyyyyy more extreme than the pow-wow world....gonna deny them this too???) and they're depressed because they can't relate to the other indians there.....just the sports team who encourage hazing, binge drinking and other assorted goodies, and they're getting kicked out for bad grades and drug abuse...well.....don't say we didn't warn ya.....


            Anyways....this topic is one of the ultra foofiest....

            And the "fluke" you really think that experienced singers don't know this (re: maturing voices)? If you sit down with an old timer and they're grandkids are there and wanna go play....with only one exception in my experience, they're dad or grandpa, uncle...whatever, will say go're a kid, it's not time to get serious about this yet, go play. Because it is known that you can ruin your voice by singing too hard as a child before puberty. But a person that actually does this is the fluke....not the other way around.

            Your poor kids...



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              Personally I think it's great when you see a child sitting at a drum, it shows they wanna learn. And it proves that they like what they see.

              What if everyone did what you said? Maybe there would be no powwow 100 years from now because all the songs could not be taught to the kids because they wouldn't know the first thing about the songs, or how to sing them. Everyone keep the powwow alive!



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                Women are nasty

                What do you think about the women and singing?
                Along with drugs and alcohol comes the women AKA pow wow $luts. You think your kids could be strong enough to fall into this crack? You really have to think about this issue because it ain't enough to have "Indian Pride" and think that this Pow wow is all that. It is a rough way of life, singing, not as bad as dancing. All that, in my opinion, that needs to happen is to keep your children along side you until they reach an age of responsibility. Don't let your children run off to no pow wow on their own. You don't know what they do, and they probably know how to lie. If they tell you the truth then so be it. I remember coming home with hickies the first time!!!!!


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                  Pow-Wow sluts uh and women are nasty? You probably were one of the main ones since it worries you that much. You have some major problems to talk about native women with such contempt. Not that there are a bunch of angels on the Pow-Wow circuit, but it is not anything that isn't happening at any high school or college across the country! I do feel sorry for your wife and children if you have any. You are a sad case!!!:Mad :Mad :Mad I do not usually resort to reacting like this except when someone is so ignorant as to actually say these horrible things. I could say that all men are a##holes and other ugly words, but I know that is not true. They don't all abuse their women, but from your attitude about women it would not suprise me that you did.


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                    You sound confused by what you say...

                    Ive been reading some of the things that you post..yes they are your opinions but still :Eyebrows I have a three yr old son and I WILL raise him to pow-wow..As I have been raised..It is how you bring up your should have good communication with them and have an open mind..or why should you be so worried bout them being around a for all the pow-wows ive been too..i see no reason why I should worry bout my children at being at one or involved in one..seeing all the people that are around there are either my childs family or adopted family of some sort..And no matter where you look or where you are there will always be drugs and alcohol around..there is no stopped that..maybe you've had bad experiences..who knows..and the woman pow-wow slut thang :NoNo there are also men pow-wow sluts out there but who ever talks bout them, right?? :Angry but this day and age men are very little woman are watched closely for everything they do..and its only the mans thoughts that makes a woman a slut..And These are MY thoughts :Thumbs
                    Last edited by Scruffs_babe; 05-12-2002, 04:12 PM.


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                      Maybe you should watch those blanket statements. Everyone is not alike. I know plenty women, myself included, that have grown up on powwows. I know we are not sluts. I'm sorry if you have had a bad experience but to say women are nasty is totally wrong. You came from a woman didn't you? Think about that!


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                        re: women & youth

                        exposer com'on can you actually believe what your saying. how do you think i met my wife shopping at wall-mart. singing and snagging go together. gotta go. "peace"


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                          Met my wife at a powwow too.

                          What about your wife ? Did you meet her at a powwow?Did you exposer? Hey, that don't sound right. That sounds nasty. Sorry dude, didn't mean it that way.

                          I know many young people male/female who conduct themselves in a good way. Many nieces/nephews. I think you're going a bit to far when you say women are nasty.

                          Cool it with cutting down our women.


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                            Originally posted by Kiwehnzii

                            I know many young people male/female who conduct themselves in a good way. Many nieces/nephews. I think you're going a bit to far when you say women are nasty.

                            Dude I must elaborate....the chicks picked up by singers when singing are nasty, they usually do pick anything that rides but you must understand, that drum groups often have at least one person advanced in this field in which the younger ones might try to follow. THIS IS FOR ALL YOU POW WOW HOES DOGGIN ON THESE ISSUES: I AIN"T TALKIN ABOUT ALL< YES THERE ARE SOME THAT ARE GOOD, GOOD FOR YOU FOR BRAGGING THEM UP, BUT I DON'T WANT TO HEAR ABOUT IT I JUST WANT TO TALK ABOUT THE ISSUES. YOU SOUND SO IGNORANT TOWARDS THESE THINGS AS IF I AM TALKING ABOUT YOU(probably am) SO KEEP OFF IF YOU JUST WANNA BRAG ABOUT YOUR LAME PHONY INDIAN PRIDE.



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                              POWWOWSER,just tell us where you go,cause it sure dont sound good!!!
                              Hate is for FOOLS!And fools like m&ms come in all colors

                              I am ready to tell you my secret now,I see dumb people,.I see them everywhere.They dont know they're dumb,they only see what they want to see.That weird feeling which make the hair on your neck stand up....thats them!


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