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    being a northern singer of almost eight years now, i can say that it is common to see a northern drum sing several southern songs
    its nice to have variety is all, we did it alot
    but i dont feel that singing almost all southern songs and calling yourself a northern drum makes any sense

    one thing tho...are you sure they are southern songs or is it simply that the singers are singing the songs an octive lower???
    i know the two drums i started myself sang that way just because its hard to sing them high...especially when the drum is all young men (16-20...ish)
    just my 2 cents :-)
    hope its what you wanted
    catcha guys later
    all real men have both bustles


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      Times change and evolution occurs. So does the powwow. Depending on which "competition" powwow you attend, a northern group may be called upon to sing a southern song due to being next in rotation or lack of southern groups in attendance. One criteria to becoming a top drum is you have to learn to adapt. No competitive drum wants to face the embarassment of having to pass a song on due to lack of ignorance.

      There is nothing wrong with adaption. Indian people do it all the time. Indian people have adapted cloth, prefabricated drum frames and other tribal dance styles. Can anyone name a "traditional" powwow where there has been absolutely no adaptation in songs or regalia by the participants in attendance? No! Because the Indian culture is not static. It is dynamic and as much as individuals hate to admit it, Indian cultures are moving forward! New innovations in both song, regalia and dance styles are created to fit the times. Many drum groups, both Northern and Southern, now compose songs to fit all the dance categories.

      An all Southern Ojibway drum is very extreme.
      Invite them to Oklahoma where this new extreme can be examined in full detail!


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        I have not read all the post here, but want to add what I think of the whole thing. I have heard northern sing southern songs, and I have seen southern groups Oklahomianize some northern songs.

        But like CEM said how can you make thease certin lines to cross. This whole high pitch singing is still new, like in the past 20,30 years. If you listen to the old stuff, its one in the same on the sonds. The languages are different but you did not have the high singing you hear today.........TMS
        If I do not know the answer someone else will!!!!
        Also forgive me, this system does not have a spell check so forgive the bad spelling


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