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  • cocky drum groups

    I was was chatting with a friend of mine the other day. He was telling me about when he went to sing at a pow-wow quite far from here. And he met a group of singers that everyone around here seems to like. Anyway, as he was talking to them their lead singer started to disrespect him. Saying his tribe was better than my friends tribe and that my friend could pick their top ten best singers from his tribe and this group could beat them all anyday, anywhere.

    I have heard alot of drum groups that this has happened to. I was wodering if anyone had a story to relate to this.

    maybe the pow-wow exposer might be willing to come here and bless us with some stories ofhis own!
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    Not all of them

    Most of the singers are pretty respectful of other singers. You could find maybe one or two guys from any given group that thinks the way you mentioned. Can't judge the whole group by the words of a coupla of weenies.

    "Winning doesn't necessarily make them winners"


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      i had a friend who ran for miss ndn world a couple to a few yrs back, and when the girls did the dancing part of the contest at the powwow she said that she was in the forst group to dance. so she and a fewof the other girls had waited on the side line by this one drum group(she said who it was but no names) and one of the guys got up from his chair and stood. one of his guy friends asked why he was standing and i guess he said "i'm waiting for all these F*****G girls to get out of my way" now i had thouhgt that this was pretty rude. just a story passed on to me
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        Geez! Why do they have to act like that? But I agree that one cannot judge the whole group by one person's actions! :)
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          Yeah, I have heard more than one story like this. Personally, there is one very popular singing group who, in front of my husband and myself, disrespected an outstanding singer who has passed on. To the point that they said they were glad that ********* was six feet under. At that point we stated our heartfelt feelings for this man, and walked away. Since that day, I have no respect whatsoever for this drum group no matter how many times they win, or how many host drums jobs they offer. There are several great singers out there and no one should disrespect another's singing talent or tribe,etc. But like my dad always says, "It will all come out in the wash". You will see who is who and what is what eventually.


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            I agree with Kiwehnzii's post. I think that one person shouldn't refelct the entire group. Like he said there's at least one guy in every group who talks like that. Maybe he's just joking around in a bad way, but that person shouldn't speak for the rest of his group.

            I met a few groups where they have a guy who's opionion's are stronger and way different from the rest of the group.

            Just don't be fast to judge.


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              I agree that a couple of cocky guys in the group don't represent the whole groups attitude. It seems that some of the 'good' drum groups know they're good and start to act too good.

              Know what I don't like to see? the so called 'good' drum groups who come a long way to sing and they show up looking like crap, all dressed up in the sloppy old wrinkled Phat t-shirts and baggy shorts, wearing the $100.00 sneakers and no socks.

              If you are going to show up as host drum or come to sing for the people, have some respect for the people and dress respectable.
              Do I make myself clear?

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                I don't think that clothes has anything do with the way a group holds themselves. Nobody should be judged by the way they dress. Just because some people like to dress a certain way shouldn't mean that they are going to be looked down upon.

                I think you made yourself clear.... It's clear to me that you are quik to judge.


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                  I agree with ndn_guy,I was taught that when you sing on the drum that its liekbeing in the prescence of an elder. YoOu treat the drum with respect and that extends to how you present yourself when you around it. Now, if the best you have is a ratted tshirt, and holy shoes cause you cant afford anything else then thats the best you have otherwise there is no excuse..anyone else learn this way or is this the contemporary singers style?lol
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                    I've seen a few cocky singers while travelling but I must agree with the others that it does not represent the whole group. I have a question, have any of you seen a singer strike a pose after he has done a lead? I have. I thought that was the end of it but at another pow wow down the road, I saw the same singer mocking another singer who is in a wheelchair. If that isn't cocky and disrespectful, I don't know what is. Everybody's different I guess.
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                      No kidding. Is there no depth to which a person will stoop.

                      I read all your posts and I agree with all of you.

                      Yes it is important to dress decent. I say as long as your clothes are clean, your face is clean and your clothes arent all reggy. Wear baggy pants, wranglers or what ever...just dress nice.

                      No drugs around the drum too...I hate it when guys show up smelling like weed. That makes everyone look bad around the drum.
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                        Weed comes from da earf man , da earf !! Just kidding, been sober and straight 14 yrs!!! ( Pat myself on the back) :D
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                          Originally posted by keeb_k
                          Weed comes from da earf man , da earf !! Just kidding, been sober and straight 14 yrs!!! ( Pat myself on the back) :D
                          :clap: :clap: :clap:
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                            i agree with y'all....but don't u think that actions reflect leadership? meaning that if u got a front man who is straight up humble and respectful, then his boys may follow suit.
                            And it's 2 bad that alot of young singers think that they gotta be all cocky and arrogant in order 2 earn their peers' props and respect. But they must pick that up some where.
                            I also agree that it don't matter how u dress or what u wear (Sakaway..cha) u can be all bling bling gangsta and what ever yet still be singin' for ur peeps...
                            Cuz personally i don't think being cocky is any where near "cool" as being humble.


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                              I think being cocky is a natural part of being young and being male. Sometimes we think that back in the day, our people were all so humble and holy and respectful. We were human beings, for crying out loud. We aspire to be humble and respectful but that doesn't mean you can't act any other way. Especially young males. I remember my grandpa telling me about how these drum groups would have their contests with each other to see who was "best" and taunt each other even way back when. It's part of the development cycle. I think you just see it alot more because there are so many young singers who learn singing from tapes and CDs and don't have the leadership and teaching like they used to. Some of them learn singing from tapes and CDs and they learn how to dress from MTV and they learn how to act from movies. Where's the traditional influence?? I think guys can be cocky without being rude. I agree that has no place at the drum.
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