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Who all won in the Original Contest at Schemitzun?

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  • Big Chocolate Thunder
    The Boyz have like three or four albums out. They all rock. But the one I like the best of all time is there first one. Kick *** tunez.
    You can find The Boyz albums at any north american "native contemporary music" distributor near you. Go to a gift shop or pow wow or a radio station place.

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  • Blueridge
    I've looked around for a tape/CD of The Boyz. Does anyone know if they have one out. If so, where can I get it?


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  • powwow_playa
    Anyone who was there know that the Blacklodge did not deserve to win the overall contest. With only 9 singers I don't think they should have even won the Contemporary, The Boyz deserved it except I think some singers missed a song. Blacklodge did deserve the hand drum though. The drum that deserved the overall was Yellowhammer but I'm betting the judges did not want to see a southern drum win the overall 2 years in a row.

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  • hardcore
    And they wonder why the number of dancers and drums are declining!
    Take a hint!

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  • hoksila

    1st- Battle River, MN
    2nd- High Noon, ALB CANADA
    3rd- Little Otter, MN
    4th- Whitetail Cree, ONT CANADA
    5th- Eagle Flight, ONT CANADA
    6th- Little Eagle, OK
    7th- Dakota Nation, ?


    1st- Yellowhammer, OK
    2nd- Omaha Whitetail, NEB
    3rd- Youngbird, OK
    4th- Cozad, OK
    5th- Southern Boys, OK
    6th- Otter Trail, TEX
    7th- Zotigh, NM


    1st- Black Lodge, WA
    2nd- The Boyz, MN
    3rd- Bear Creek, ONT CANADA
    4th- Northern Wind, ONT CANADA
    5th- Thunderhouse, AZ
    6th- Eastern Eagle, NS CANADA
    7th- Black Eagle, AZ

    Hand Drum

    1st- Black Lodge
    2nd- Whitefish Jrs
    3rd- The Boyz
    4th- High Noon


    1st- Bad Medicine
    2nd- Yellowhammer
    3rd- Southern Boys
    4th- Cozad

    The joke of the weekend was...How much cash is Black Lodge going home with?

    Everyone already knew they were the Triple Crown winners after they took Contemporary, Hand Drum, Women Singing. Hey why not give them Overall too. *L* At least 60 G's. Must be nice. But we all know Schemitz is NOT FIXED!!!! see you all next year.

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  • lil_rez_head
    BLACK LODGE WALK AWAY WITH A TOTAL OF $60,000!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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  • Takin' Numbers
    What were the hand drum contest results?? I left before they were announced!



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  • Takin' Numbers
    I was fortunate enough to be sitting up in the bleachers behind The Boyz on Sunday...THEY WERE ROCKIN!! WOW!! Gave me goosebumps!! Big thumbs up and congrats for their 2nd place finish! Of course, Blacklodge sounded awesome too...but then they always do!! :D A great weekend full of great singing for sure!!


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  • Carwash_moves
    Battle RIver
    High Noon
    Little Otter
    White Tail - Cree

    Black Lodge
    The Boyz
    Bear Creek
    Northern Wind

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  • nativelohaus
    Someone told me that Battler River won and then High Noon was second. They also told me that Black Lodge was first, The Boyz second, Bear Creek third, and Northern Wind fourth. Not sure about reliability but that was what I was told. Hope it's true and is some help. Laterz

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  • Who all won in the Original Contest at Schemitzun?

    Not just the first three winners but every place please?

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