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    Tousba!! Hello friends!!

    I'm in a bind, I'm way behind! I need your help! I'm looking up drum groups on the 'net and I'm thinking most of them don't have websites, this is discouraging. However!!

    I was PM'd and someone told me their drum groups website, which was totally unsearchable! So help me out. If you know a group, are part of a group, send me your link!

    Thank you!!!!!!! :p :p :p :p

    or email it to me!

    [email protected]
    :p cool indin woman :p

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    Drum Group Websites

    Hey ctryprincess. I've noticed that you are a new addition to the community and you've been posting like crazy. Anyway, you should check out the drum group database. Usually if a drum group has a website, it will be listed in the info given for that drum group. Hope this helps.

    -Kool B


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