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Remediez for a clear singing voice

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  • Remediez for a clear singing voice

    What do you use to clear your singing voice?
    What do you think works best?

    Rat Root
    Fishermans friend
    Cod liver oil
    Alpine gum
    Herbal Tea....

    or other.
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    Wikey is probably the best thing out there. Its a sorta bark from a tree. Its sweet and it works kinda like Halls but better.


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      Are you talkin about "wiikeh"? I have no clue what it is in English language. It's a root.


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          I know this forum isn't really my place, but I've also seen singers swallow just straight up honey. I've also seen singers use one of those squeezable lemon juice bottles to relieve their throats...
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            Whatever it is. YOu know what I'm talking about.


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              What's that one cough syrup, where the guy says "It tastes awful, and it works?" Anyways a guy from Warhawk said his singers use that - works better than lemon juice.
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                Hey Ojib tribe. We are not talking about the same thing. Wiikeh is very bitter. Tastes rotten but it works.

                Wakalapi. That bottled stuff is called Buckleys Mixture. Works alright I suppose. Tastes awful is right! Some guys don't like to use it.


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                  clear voice

                  we make a combo, of bitter root & sasafrass tea, hot , for us halls will dry you up.:o
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                    Yes, I have also seen Lemon Juice and Buckley's Mixture being used for a good singing voice. Ack! They don't taste good, but sure seem to work.


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                      tricks of the trade

                      so you guys are talking about tricks of the trade aye. okay well things I have used are HALLS, BUCKLEYS, WIKAY ( ITS A ROOT GUYS, NOT A BARK), HALLS CENTERS, FISHERMAN'S FRIEND, LEMON JUICE, TEA, COFFEE, POP, CANDIES, CHOCOLATES...

                      But the top 4 are
                      lemon juice,
                      and a coffee, no sugar.
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                        The fast remedy.....Open your mouth and have someone take their finger and poke you in the back of the throat. and easy, and it really works, too.


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                            Open your mouth wide and spray a shot of Cloraseptic spray will instantely help especially when you have a cold! However, mostly you have to drink a lot to keep your vocal cords moist. That is when you crack up, that is what all of these remedies have in commen. Just don't drink really hot or cold stuff. If you want to make those vocals last take really good care of them and yes, smoking will tear them up!!


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                              Gr8 Advise on the remediez.

                              Some people say that singing at the age of puberty (11yrs-16yrs) could ruin the develpment of ones singing voice, I've heard a couple of stories of people that this has happened to. Do any of you believe this as a fact?..........
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