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  • Original has to be original

    Is original singing with No words???
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      Original, I remember High Noon back in the day. I get goosebumps listening to their old songs..... I still have a tape from when they were at Arlee in the early 80's.

      Red Bull too, talk about medicine, they are like a good massage after a hard work week.

      It is all in the way you carry yourselves, be humble, don't try to be Disney and romanticize the non indian. They did do bad to us Indians, but we are still here.

      Just because you sing on a drum, remember who you are representing, remember all of your ancestors who fought for you to be sitting here in the free country. Remember the code talkers, Sioux & Dine'.

      I remember my people, because they are only a few generations ago. My Grandma ran off to Canada when the army captured Chief Joseph. I probably have relatives up in Canada...

      I am rambling..... ;)


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        True True and so very sad because they are only 'original' because of contests...


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          By The Edge Of A Wood, At The Foot Of A Hill
          Is A Lush Green Meadow Where Time Stands Still
          Where The Friends Of Man And Woman Do Run
          When Their Time On Earth Is Over And Done

          For Here Between This World And The Next
          Is A Place...
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