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    This post is specifically for the Brown Hornet...........I would to get your take on hte northern and northern contemporary categories at schemitzun ...........I read your take on the southern category and found it to be pretty well on the money........also your take on toronto last please enlighten me if you will

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    Hello gazundteit,

    I am actually flattered that you respect my opinion enough to ask what I thought. Do I know you?

    As far as the contemporary groups. It is very difficult for me to make an opinion with so many good groups present. Most drums were excellent but some were definately better than others. I think it was almost and even toss up between The boyz and Black Lodge. Though the Boyz definately had more volume, and hit the drum harder than any southern drum I have seen, their songs lacked the melody that blacklode has produced. I think Bear creek was very powerful as well and should have placed very near the previous two mentioned groups and htey did. As far as politics, I thinks Black Lodge will always prevail here. They are just plain nice people. I have had nothing but good experiences with that group. I even sang southern with them once, it was comical. I doubt that any ballot riggin is taking place. Treat people with respect and it will come back to you. If some other groups would build relationships with people as they have, they may stand a better chance. I dont think northern wind sounded as great as I have herad them in the past so I think their placing is fair. I think the rest is pretty much on the money. I recorded over 10 hours of singing this past weekend and have had the chance to listen to all the groups over and over.

    As far as original:

    I would have ranked battle river first with Little Otter a close second. High Noon has been stronger and didnt impress me as much this weekend. They would have followed. Whitetail sounded strong but went flat during a few of their songs. They are almost getting a contemporary sound. Eagle Flight, though they dont produce explosive volume, definately had the original sound dowm. They sorta remind me of mandaree. I would not have placed Little Eagle in the top 7. Just my opinion, I may be biased. I barely recorded them. Dakota Nation should have been in their as well, just not sure were.

    I'm sorry about the lenth but you wanted my opinion and that is exactly what this is.

    Brown Hornet


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      well thanks for the reviews brown always pretty much how i felt but it is always good to hear others peoples opinion.............thanks


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