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  • The All Star Crew

    If you could make ur own badass drum group, who would all be on it???

    If you can only pick 12 singers to be on the drum.

    mine would probly contain:

    Terry P.
    Randy P.
    that other blackstone guy, 4got his name...lil guy tho
    Boss G.
    Shane D.
    Kenny Merrick jr
    Harlan G.
    that fat guy offa which one?
    That one guy offa seekaskootch
    Harvey D.
    That one bassed out guy offa eyabay
    and then some other fat cant think of no more..

    everyone put whoever ya'll think would make a good drum...


  • #2
    I'd probably have to pick:
    Justin Perrault
    Harvey Dreaver
    Shane Dion
    Elgin ScabbyRobe
    Harlan Gopher
    Opie Day
    Gabe Desrosiers
    Lee Lussier
    Kevin Kingbird
    Steve Wood
    Terry Paskemin

    thats all.


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      Contemp: Hokie Clairmont (The Boyz)
      Terry Paskimin (Blackstone)
      Boss Gardipy (Wildhorse)
      Opie Day (Midnite Express/The Boyz)
      Terry St. John (Eyabay)
      Lee Lussier (Eyabay)
      Harlan Gopher (Southern Cree)
      Shane Dion (Northern Cree)

      Northern: little bit older crew/but still as good

      Eldon WeaselChild (Blackfoot Crossing)
      Gerald Okanee (Big Bear)
      Ted Noon (High Noon)
      Mister Baker (Mandaree)
      Bill Runsabove (Badlands/Eagle Whistles)
      Royce Kingbird (Kingbirds)
      Johnny Smith (Buckaroos/RedLake)

      younger crew:

      Faron Lujan (High Noon)
      guy from Battle River "oldstyle chippewa voice"
      Meegwans Snake (Snake Island)
      Mike LaFramboise (Eagle Whistles)??
      Gordon Nicotine Jr (Eagle Flight)
      Kevin Kingbird (Battle River)
      Keveon Kingbird (Battle River)

      Southern: Joe "Fish" Dupoint (Bad Medicine)
      Larry Cozad (Cozad)
      Jim Kemble (Yellowhammer)
      Curt Hamilton (Youngbird)
      Jade Roubedeux (Yellowhammer)
      Dave White (Omaha Whitetail)
      Lloyd Gwynn (Rose Hill)
      Glen Ahhaity (Youngbird)

      my picks!!



      • #4
        here's my top twelve............

        Terry P.
        Randy P.
        Elgin S.
        John S.
        Jason K.
        Boss G.
        Magwa T.
        Leroy B.
        Shane D.
        Blair M.
        Conroy N.
        Harvey D.


        • #5
          This would be my selection for an All Star Crew! Contemp and Original Style Singers:

          Terry Paskimen (Blackstone)
          Jonathan Gopher (Rocky Boy Cree)
          Kenny Merrick Jr. (Mystic River)
          Jason Kingbird (Eyabay)
          Irvin Waskewitch (Spirit Whistle)
          Sidrick "Mister" Baker (Mandaree)
          Ted Noon (High Noon)
          John Scabbyrobe (Blacklodge)
          Mike Laframboise (Eagle Whistles?)
          Hoki Clairmont (Boyz)
          Harvey Dreaver (Whitefish Jr's)
          Eldon Weasalchild (Blackfoot Crossing)

          What other exsisting singers or drum group could possibly beat this fantasy "ALL STAR CREW" ???
          Bannock and Lard keeps you Hard!!!


          • #6
            Damn all of yall have some sick @ss crrews!!!.............heres my all star crews!!!

            1.Terry Paskemin (Blackstone)
            2.Randy Paskemin (Blackstone)
            3.Leroy Brown (Northern Cree)
            4.Justin Perrault (Bear Creek)
            5.John Morris (Eyabay)
            6.Jason Kingbird (Eyabay)
            7.Tom Williamson (Lightning Creek)
            8.Boss Gardipy (Wildhorse)
            9.Hokie Clairmont (The Boyz)
            10.Opie Day (Midnite Express)

            1. Mike Lafrombaise (Not to Sure)
            2.Mcallen Garvin (Midnite Express)
            3.Edmond Navakoya (Not to Sure)
            4.Mister Baker (Mandaree)
            5.Marvin Weatherwax (Not to Sure)
            6. Londel Seaboy (Wahpekute)
            7. Ron Noon (High Noon)
            8.Keveon Kingbird (Battle River)
            9.Freddy Morsette (Eagleridge)
            10. Franky Graves (Battle River)
            11. Kendel Kingbird (High Spirit)

            Those are my all star crews!!! original and contemp.

            midnite express


            • #7

              Opie Day-Lead Singer
              Hokie Clairmont
              Wayne Silas Jr.
              Hardin Dovel
              Dan Necklace
              Andy Baker
              Adam Genia
              Nick Genia
              Skylar Genia
              Kelly Logan
              Crow Bellecourt
              Jason Kingbird


              Ray Roach-Lead Singer
              Parnell Necklace
              Kenny Baker
              Justin Baker
              Ugene Red Day
              Roger Wells
              Irving Tail
              Severt Young Bear
              Mike Cassidy
              Kenny Bagola
              Gilly Running
              Wyman Redstar
              (as he picks up a handfull of dirt and drops it) "Even this much land i will not sell"
              Tatanka Yotanka


              • #8
                There was only one All Star crew that actually jammed, check out the new Mandaree CD Live at Crow Fair 2000, it rocks that is an All Star crew if I ever heard one. I wont name any names you have to check yourselves.


                • #9
                  PowWow S.
                  Hoki C.
                  Keveon K.
                  Terry & Randy P.
                  Harlan G.
                  Shane Dion
                  Wayne Silas Jr.


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