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  • U.S. and Canada

    Im not here to offend anybody. But I was just wondering what everybody thought about this question.

    Which country has the best drum groups in North America? the U.S. or Canada?

    No local groups. ONly those groups that have actually placed at the big name singing contests, such as Schemitzun, Julyamsh, United Tribes, Gatherings, and others.

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    Am from the US and think Canada has more World Champs, more recognized drums, but we are closing the gap!!!!!!!
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      It's really irrelevant. The border was imposed on our people. But, hey, it's okay to root for your favourites. Competition is healthy and makes for good-natured teasing.:)

      Go Canucks!


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        Actually it really is irrelevant. But I just wanted to have some fun here is all.
        Anyways I think that Canada has the best drum groups in the world for sure. I'm not dissing Americans, actually American drum groups are closing the gap. It seems that the fresh, young groups are coming from the U.S.A. But for the moment and probably the past 20 years, Canadian drummers are up there.


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          U S A U S A U S A U S A U S A U S A

          Closing the Gap? i think we got it SHUT...

          With drums like "Tha Tribe", "Midnite Express", "Tha Boyz", "Omaha Lodge", "Eyabay", "Mystic River", "Ironwood", "Cozad", "Yellowhammer", "Bad Medicine", "Bad Nation", "BLACK LODGE", "Mandaree", "Tha Bucks", "Otter Trail", "Porcupine", "Ft. Kipp Sioux Singers" , "Thunder Boyz. a.k.a Mystic River Jrs."

          The list goes on and on and on...c'mon now do ya think you got the goot' ole U S of A whooped....not quiet lol
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              I guess I shoulda thought of this question more carefully. I forgot for a split second that Southern Drums can also be considered. But hey.....this is a northern singing thread so get with it aight?
              Like I said, Im not here to piss anybody off or cause trouble. I'm just looking for honest opinions is all.
              I still think Canada has the best drum groups in the world.


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                hoksila luta

                you also have to remember:

                Northern Cree - Schemitzun 2000
                High Noon -Schemitzun 1995, 1997, 1998.....2nd in 99, 2000, 01
                Stoney Park- Schemitzun 93, 94, 95

                Whitefish Jrs- Schemitzun 1996
                Blackstone-Schemitzun 1997, 1998
                Red Bull-Schemitzun 1997
                Starblanket-Gatherings 1999

                Bear Creek- Gatherings 2000

                hoksila luta--- you did name a lot of good drums but do they qualify for this thread? it says if they won at big powwows..



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                  This is so funny...anyway...Canada has rocking drum groups I guess. I dont know why. But I have heard alot of theories. The real reason is because of Canada's cold winters. The cold strenthens you throat. The other reason is Canadians are extremely patient. We can sit arund the drum all day, so that way we make every roll call and never miss a spot check. LMAO. Just kidding.

         is cos of ability to stay on beat.
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                    Well, this being my first post, I 'spose I can comment on this one. Even though we have some bad*ss drums here in the good ol' US, when we go to powwows, it's always the Canadian drums that have us worried in contest!! I mean, my favorites used to be Whitefish Jrs., Stoney Park and Northern Wind, but when we were at Hinckley last month, my husband got the Big Bear and Mountain Soul cd's. Those drums are awesome too!! I mean, we have awesome drums here, don't get me wrong, but with Bear Creek on the rise, I think they are going to be kicking some serious butt in the years to come!


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                      Hey BigBear...maybe you can teach that drum roll call thang to those naughty Kingbird boys. :Naughty AYE!
                      tuck & roll


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                        Previously Canada has had the most recognized big name drum groups, as they were everywhere, taking every championship possible.

                        Due to the growth and empowerment of USkins, (ie) tribally owned radio stations, casinos, whatnot, really help to promote the indians here. They've always been here, but now are finally taking their center stage. Finally have the chances, the opportunities. The producers and distributors finally checking out what's here in the backyards, new-blood-wise, and seeing what's here. I agree with that one list up there.

                        In a couple of years, these are the groups that will be coming up first everywhere. Just need the exposure.

                        For now though, Canadian indians are still kickin' butt, and I'm definitely jammin' their sounds thissaway. I'm swayed to that type of music personally, but can't ignore my countrymen, cause they're definitely beatin' those drums. :D
                        :p cool indin woman :p


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