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    Any one heard of a song being made since
    the towers. Heard one this weekend that was supposed to be a flag song to take down the flag. Had some vocables at the beginning then the words "stars and stripes" more vocables and then "old glory". Have never heard anything like it before. Unfortunately I didn't take a recorder.

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    I aint heard it yet. I am assuming it was a southern drum due to where you posted this but what nation were the singers hailing from? There are quite a few flag songs out there that one doesn't hear that often, but I haven't heard any yet with english in them. Kinda make ya wonder.

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      It was a southern drum. They sang a Cheyenne flag song at the beginning. Most of the singers came from boy scouts recently but their teacher has been around for ages. They quit singing the Ponca(??????). Butchered it. They sang this to bring the flag down and announced it as a flag song. But this is the same drum that says they are going to sing a Ponca prayer song and it is a wardance song. It's wierd in Florida and Georgia. But in all the years I could not remember one with English words. And we won't go into the mc calling it a Huthuska and throwing out Ponca words that didn't belong. He only started this since the Ponca's don't come down here anymore.


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          how pathetic and sad


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