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  • Travelling with women

    Hello all!

    Our drum has just added female back- up singers this last year - this is the first season that we have experienced travelling with this many people - (usually 14-18 people, including our own children). Now, from the very beginning, we set down guidelines, and we are still working out kinks - but we make sure that we have at least 3 rooms, one specifically for the women on the drum. But if the kids come with some of the members, then the women's room is overcrowded. Even the couples separate during this time to set an example for the younger people.

    So how do you guys handle sleeping arrangements for the women singers on your groups? And if someone breaks the rules, i.e. wanting to sleep in the boys room, how do you handle that?

    Overall, our experiences have been good, but we have def been tested by a few of these newer members. :p

    Now, I have been travelling with drums for almost 10 years - and my husband and I always just stayed together, ususally sharing a room with another couple - but now, because of these additions, we are sacrificing for the benefit of the group - things have changed.

    Just asking what you guys would do.....thanks in advance for your comments. :)
    Everything is gonna be alright!

    Be blessed - got love???

    This b me.....

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    Yeah that can be a tough one. I've sang from time to time over the years. I've seen it work that way as you stated. The other thing is now, most married couples will end up paying for their own rooms. I've even seen the drum group give em a little bit from their drum to help in this expense.

    Now for those who break the rules and your trying to set an example, just tell em straight up, if you wanna shack up, then pay for your own room. Otherwise, follow our rules.


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      As a back up singer, I room with my husband and kids. If we don't bring the kids, then we usually bunk up with the other back up girls or another couple. It's never really a big thing with our drum. If we are traveling to contest powwows, everyone pays for their own rooms. If we are host drum somewhere, then we usually get between 3-5 rooms. Then we just do with what we have. If that means there are 8 of us in a room, then so be it. My husband and I are the only ones that both sing with the drum. The other girls are single yet, but whenever we go somewhere, it's a given that they all share a room. Kids stay in the room with their parent/s. We have a couple on our drum where the guy sings, the mom doesn't, but they have a daughter that is starting to blast now (she's 8 or 9). They always room together and if they have to, they share with the other guy or girl singers. It really doesn't matter. But, we are all pretty much related so it doesn't matter who sleeps where, just as long as we all have roofs over our heads. :)


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        Thanks for everyone's responses! :)
        Everything is gonna be alright!

        Be blessed - got love???

        This b me.....


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          One set of rules. If someone wants to do other wise... they are more than welcome to seek their own accomodations so they will be comfortable.;)
          After each trip you may want to discuss what works and what you may want to change for the next time, that way the system keeps improving. Afterall it isn't a dictatorship, it's an extended "family"on the road! :)
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            Just wear a hat and don't worry about it.



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              IT FEELS SO GOOD TO BE BACK!!!!


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