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should you learn your own tribal songs

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  • should you learn your own tribal songs

    i think everyone should even if you dont come from a tribe that powwows all tribes have there own songs. i have seen a lot of people powwowin over the years that dont tradiationally powwow and i wonder how important there own tribal ways are to them or if they know them
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    Good post 9er.

    I would suggest that people learn their own songs first before attempting to learn someone elses. THe obivous reason is 1)its your own peoples songs. 2) there is alot when it comes to the language issue and translations and knowing what you are singing about.
    Granted there are alto fo peopel who dont traditionally powwow so they learn other natiosn songs or in time they make thier own in their own tongue. But I would defintely say learn your own traditions first before taking on other peoples.
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      Well I've learned:

      Amazing Grace
      God Bless Merica
      Happy Birthday
      One little two little three little . . .

      and other songs from my culture.

      I'm at a point were I have to learn the In-din songs that are put out on tape. No choice man! For those full bloods, learning your ceremonial songs and other functional tribal songs, SHOULD be a priority! That's who you are?


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        ---Way to go okla49er.. (singing_badass applaudes your statement)
        Well said!!! I totally agree yes people should learn about who they are and their own beliefs and culture---their own way of doing things. I have experienced several times seeing people talk about things they dont even know about. and stand infront of crowds of people and talk about certain things BUT when it comes to talking about their own people or tribe their the first to quiet down.... and thats too bad! i think thats what gives singers and little foreground to stand on when they know where their coming from and a lil history about songs their singers... all too many times are singers these days singing other tribal songs --(AND THATS OKAY) but know what your singing..the composer ...know what your saying...the meaning....and always know where you come from cause you never know when someone asks for your knowledge! i know i have.... you know .. ask other singers the words or the composer of certain songs and maybe half know what they were singing! Kinda annoying sometimes! Well anyway this is something i have been commenting on this board for a while now.... still hoping someone is listening and can see my point of view! Thank You okla49er for commenting.... you know sometimes i think people are scared to comment to other singers... and they shouldnt be! i understand some singers could take this offensively but really its not---cause on my part i would have nothing but the upmost respect about it!


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          well yes you should learn your own ways first thats what makes me mad about different people powwowin it in know why has anything to do with there own tribal ways you know who im talkin about people shouldnt talk about non indians powwowin they should talk about everyone who doesnt come from this makes me wonder if there just in it for the money or what cause when you see them at a dance every weekend when do they have time to be at there own homes takin care of there own tribal doings or do they even know about there own tribal doings?if they do thats fine come on out and dance or sing but still dont preach to everybody about indian ways around the arena cause they dont have any.but i know of one tribe in particular that have nothing but there language which is good but they have nothing of there own.they obsorb dances from other indians and somtimes ive seen them done wrong.well anyways stick to your own ways even if some other tribes stuff looks coller or whatever learn your own waysits all you got dont be someone else do what god made you wether its ponca ,kiowa,navajo,cherokee you get the point learn about what you are good no great post 49er
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