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  • Getting Started...finally

    Okay the Powwow has been going well into the afternoon. You've been dancing hard for most of the morning. Your dance category has already come and gone, and right now you're dancing to intertribals. After a while that starts to get a little old. and evening Grand Entry is still a few hours away.

    The Powwow has plenty of good drums to keep things moving. However, your favorite drum is there. You've got their last few tapes, and know most the songs inside and out and backwards. You've even made friends with a few guys, and some like your sister.

    Well you go to your car, fish out your new drumstick you just made. You're finally about to do it. You've never sung before, or even struck the drum, but you think you're ready. Morever you'll never know unless you try. You find the lead singer, and respectfully ask his permission. He says it's perfectly fine, and room is made at the drum.

    So what do you do now? I'm looking for a little advise and words of wisdom for a first timer like myself. I think I've got a lot of what it takes, but I'm still a little unsure. And I think the only way to quell those fears is to actuall do it... Feel free to PM me with anything you've got...

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    man, i had all kinds of trouble with singing my first time. i kind of got thrown into the fire. i found i could stay on beat or sing but had trouble putting the 2 together. i would say concentrate on staying on beat because when that is off it is really noticable. find someone to practice with to teach you the ropes also. it helps alot. have fun and have a good time. just my advice from limited experience but i feel where you are coming from.


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      The best advice I can give you about starting to sing is, don't do it at a powwow. Get together with the drum at one of their practices (and if they have tapes, you can be sure they practice). If you can't get together with the whole drum to practice, get a couple of the guys to do one on one work with you.

      I can't imaging starting cold in the middle of a powwow large enough to have several drums. I had a whopping four practices before singing at my first small social powwow, and managed to only overbeat twice. Fortunately, the folks there were very forgiving, which may not be the case for a nationally recognized drum at a large gathering.

      Just my $.02.


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        Even if you know the songs in and out, take the time and stand behind the drum at a pow-wow and watch the interactions. As Spoons suggested, definitely try to go to their practices, before the pow-wow. But if you are truly interested in sitting in with a known or a drum you respect, it is best to speak with the lead singer first, or a member of the drum. Tell them what you would like to do, and let them guide you in the right direction.

        Then, go to the drum.

        Good luck!! :D
        Everything is gonna be alright!

        Be blessed - got love???

        This b me.....


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          I don't care how many times you sit in your front room - in front of a upside down laundry basket for a drum, metal spoon for a drumstick and your favorite drum group blairing so loud the neighbors on the next block complaining - Until your extremely ready ... don't do the do!


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            when your singing it should come from the heart. when you start singing for the first timne, sing in your normal tone. then keep singing like that while trying to take the volume of your voice up,but don't force it becuse then you starte to hurt your voice and can wear it out soon.


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              practice at home first be able to start at least one song from everything sung at dances such as a gourd ,intertribal,round learn them and be able to sing the song all by yourself at least four times threw stay in tune(by youself)learning songs is easy its singing them thats hard.dont sing to your drum beat drum to how you are singing if you can understand that.dont hit the drum any louder than you are going to sing,learn your own tribal songs first,remember there are thousands of old songs out there learn them,dont get mad if someone gets on to you there not doin it because they dont like you there doin it cause they want you to learn right well hope your blastin by next summer
              learn it,live it love it!


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