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    what's the history of these songs? why are they round dance and not war dance songs?

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    Originally posted by What?:
    <STRONG>what's the history of these songs? why are they round dance and not war dance songs?</STRONG>
    There are songs that were made during WWII by Louis Toyebo, James Anquoe and a few other men who prefered to remain in the background. The songs (more than 50 songs) speak to the mothers and the families of the servicemen and women who were fighting overseas. They offer words of encouragement in that their sons and daughters are over there doing great and incredible things for their country and when we see them again at war's end they will all be hero's and we'll be happy when they come home safely.

    Some of the songs also offer words of encouragement to the departing servicemen and women. Families would gather at the train and bus stations and sing to their departing sons and daughters. They did the same when they returned home...but some didn't come back. The songs comforted those who lost family members and through their sacrifice the families KNEW they were heroes.

    Round dancing is what the mothers prefered. As they danced they all sang and offered each other encouragement and support. When these songs are sung, and they are still sung today, the dance is very shuckin & jiving. It's a beautiful sight to see both women and men all dancing in step ringing the arbor...everybody singing these beautiful songs.
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      thanks, that's very informative


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