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  • Ladies & the Drum

    ~~Hi All~~

    Just a quick question...or two or three.....

    What part do ladies play in your drum group?

    ~Singers only??



    ~Decision Makers??

    ~Girlfriends/ Pow-wow Snags?

    ~Respected Members??

    I hope my thread isn't disrespecting anyone, but I don't know any other way to ask. I try to be straight to the point. Thank you for your time. Your answers will be very useful to me. God Bless and Take Care. :(
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    Since I believe I'm the only one on this forum from my husband's drum group... I will answer for them.

    Some of us sing back up to the men.
    Some of us (men or women) provide food or cook for everyone while we are out of town at powwows.
    Some of us help to organize the drum's schedule.
    Some of us dance for presentations.
    Some of us act as a contact person for events.

    Some of the women do more than one of these tasks. Some of the women only do one of these tasks. It really comes down to a family-type situation, where whomever is able... just fills the gaps.

    Good topic.
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      Thank you! I appreciate your response. Take Care.:)
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        I can't say that i belong to a group because my boyfriend sings with a drum group......

        I mean i do go with them on trips but i dont sing back up i usually am the cook *but how can you cook ham sandwichs?* I usually man the food and i'm usually the one that plans the trips (i.e. Making hotel reservatrions, car rentals, fights, plan everything regarding traveling) which can get difficult at times, but its fun i like all the guys that sing in the drum, they are very respectful of me and I have come to be great friends with all of them and their families.


        P.S. ohh i almost forgot when any of the boys have a headache i am always the one that has the asprine, so i'm the first one that they ask when they need to cure their headache! :p
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          Well the ladies of The Boyz are mostly Back up singers. First there's Bonnie Clairmont, Hokie's mom. Then Pat Decora, Chuck's mom. Lastly there's us youngins..........Misty GreenCrow, April Clairmont, Rainell (Pumpkin) Grinnel, Starr Clark, Stephanie (Funny) Campos. Our role is to sing backup behind our guys. We don't make any decisions when it comes to the drum, that's The Boyz' business. We just go where ever it is they say they're going to go, and sing our heart's out.

          They are couples on the drum also like:
          Hokie Clairmont and Stephanie "Funny" Campos
          Charles Lasley and KC Hindsley
          Everett Moore and Jackie Klein
          Mervel LaRose and Rainell "Pumpkin" Grinnell
          Ramon Benton-Banai and April Clairmont
          Daryll Thunderchild and Christine Steffanizzi

          We love our sons, brothers, cousins, uncles, and especially our men..........Congratulations on your win at Schemitzun!!!!!!!!


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            i'm usually the one that plans the trips (i.e. Making hotel reservatrions, car rentals, fights, plan everything regarding traveling)
            wow, you even plan their fights? now that's dedication! :Chatter
            - zeph


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              So does that mean that you are the ref too?
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                for me when i sing with our boys it is like becoming a sister to all of them . i help out when i can. i try to be there like a sister would. if they need to talk or if they need something to drink and can't get up to get it i offer. i am sure the other back up singer with me feels the same. it is like another family. one of the singers is my boyfriend and the rest well likei said they are my bros. i would also have to agree with native wife on her points and also with Lakota hochunk.their business is theres we are with them becasue we love them,and not really for the comp. we know it means alot to them to have us singing. we try our best and do what we can when we can.
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                  Women and the Drum

                  Hi! I saw this post and I thought I would reply. I am a Lakota
                  woman from the Pine Ridge Indian Reservation in South Dakota. Our way of life, where the drum is concerned, is probably not too entirely different from everyone else's.
                  Woman play an importan role in the drum just as men do. We are called the "Third Circle."
                  The First Circle is the drum itself, it's the heartbeat of the people. People, especially singers are very respectful of the drum and they do not hit the drum needlessly. The drum is usually covered when not being used, and most drum groups have a special case or bag made for the drum. The Second Circle are the Singers. Usually all the singers are men, and they are very respecful of the drum also. The are the carriers of songs and they make the dancers and people feel happy with their beautiful songs.
                  The Third Circle is the women back up singers, or wicaglata. They help the men carry the songs. They stand behind the men. They do not sit at the drum or touch the drumsticks, just because they are that respectful to the drum and the men. In Lakota society, there is no sexual discrimination, but there is a place for everyone and everyone knows their place. I hope that helps!!
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                    I want to thank you all for your replies. This helps me understand what I need to do more than you know!! Thanks again!
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