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Eastern Eagle good or average?

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  • Eastern Eagle good or average?

    Some powwows Eastern Eagle singers sound really good, and others they sound average. Do you guys think Eastern Eagle singers are good or just another basement drumgroup?

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    umm eastern eagle?? they started out not too long ago eh? it all depends on who they bring to sing with them at powwows.. sometimes they different ppl and they sound a little different. they just started out and i think they'll go big if they stick with the same crew or maybe all of em great singers! either than that, keep singing guys!
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      :p I totally agree with eagle plume;)
      i say that eastern eagle must drop all the rookies that can't sing and other guys from other rezes. Stick with shubie guys and maybe 2 others just to make up were they droped out. meaning singers that is. All I have to say to everyone come to toronto pow wow in november and they will hear eastern eagle like they never heard them before!!!!!!!:devil
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        eastern eagle good or average?

        i think eastern eagle is a dope *** drum but they do need to leave the lil rookie biatches at home n just shubie guys should singon the drum:D
        :p :devil


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          Most songs are tooooooooo long. Even the ones for tiny tots.
          Most are also too slow. If you guys are in Toronto, speed up the song a little. I noticed that 90% of you are not dancers. Could this be the reason that you sing so slow? If it is, why don't you get that one dancer to set the pace for, at least, the contest songs. I know the dancers would appreciate it.
          By the way, what in the world is a shubie? And "biatches"?
          What about dope***drum? Do you guys smoke dope?


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            man-o-man we indians got issues on this site!

            first of all i am barely starting to learn to work this site.
            nowadays it seems all us skins got beef with one another.(reading all other posts on this site about this and that)

            i for one like eastern eagle, only seen them once though.
            at schemitz back in '98
            back then i thought eastern eagle, white tail from ontario, and southern cree were the most underrated drums around at schemitzun who should of at least placed in top eight in their own categories.

            here's my 2 cents.
            i don't agree with giving them advice on how to sound whether it be fast or slow. back at schemitz they had some bad *** songs and styles of mode i never heard and was glad to hear them(and everyone else since i don't sing anymore and dont' go to many powwows since i came back home out west)

            if you want them to sing and sound like everyone else, then why invite more DIFFERENT drums to connecticut?


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              Eastern Eagle needs a tune up....

              I've seen the Eastern Eagle Drum Group plenty of times in the past 5 or 6 years mainly in the eastern Canada Pow wow trail. What I know of them is that they get really upset when they come more westwards and don't do good in that particular community's singing contest. Is that what you boys are all about?

              You guys have to understand how pow wow's run and quit showing attitude towards (GOOD) singing groups that beat you out when you come westwards! If you want to get upset and leave with a stiff upper lip, than you should go and find the Head Drum Judge or whoever ran the singing contest and confront them. Your attitudes and your conceaded (WERE THE BOMB) attitude will get you no where but more quiet time in Nova Scotia!

              I respect Eastern Eagle in the fact that they had to work hard to get where they are now despite the non-pow wow location where they originate from.

              With all do respect towards you boys, here is what you need to change to do well over this way:

              -Make sure you leave Nova Scotia with enough money to come back home as well because you guys usually get skunked over this way. Some pow wows are very unpredictable!
              -Lose your attitudes like you guys can't be beat because you can and HAVE BEEN numerous times!
              -Drum the appropriate beat to what ever your called upon and shorten up some of your tunes. You are supposed to sing songs of the pow wow not 10 minute Miqmac story songs!
              -and lastly, SING your songs, don't SCREAM them! These are SINGING contests not bust a neckvain pinch yourself a hickey contest!

              Follow some of these and I guarantee things will be a lot brighter for you when you come west from now on!

              Bannock and Lard keeps you Hard!!!


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                Somebody erase this thread

                Okay ,okay, enough already

                you guys got the talk you wanted now stop puttin names on the board and go sing.
                True to my word.


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                  Kiwehnzii >Most are also too slow. If you guys are in Toronto, speed up the song a little.
                  Not that i think its kool to centre out a drum like this,
                  i got to agree with this here quote. my frend had a dance of last year at tha skydome and his song was like way to slow it coulda been jus a tad bit faster.......but other than that it really woulda been a tight song....
                  i think these guyz got a good drum they got a good sound, but the way that they could be better is if they were consistent....but u know, you live you learn!
                  every drum group started sumwhere, and as for the so-called rookies....they also gotta learn and what better way to learn than to sing at powwows and get constructively criticized so they can correct it tha next time around.
                  so thatz jus what i think.
                  Peace N Luv!
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                    I heard Eastern Eagle for the first time at Schemitzun 2001. They sounded pretty good. They got 6th or 7th that year in the contemporary category.
                    Anyways I think they just need to travel out west more. Its a whole different Pow Wow country out this way. They need some good exposure and they aint getting it singing two hours away from home every weekend. Come out west and try the singing contests. Then we'll see what happens. Their a pretty dope drum group. THey got some sweet songs, although they are a little long, but thats ok. They got a good melody to each song.


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