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Singing songs into a drum

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  • Singing songs into a drum

    When your a southern singer and your drum group has been given a new drum. What are people opions about singing songs into the drum?????????????
    If I do not know the answer someone else will!!!!
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    i guess i dont understand your question what do you mean
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      give us a clue!!!!!!
      john arkeketa


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        ---wants to know about this.?


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          I think I might know where you are going with this..

          Songs being sung into the drum or in other words bringing the drum to life when it is first made. This isnt something that is just "done" by singing a few songs into the new drum and definitely not something to go into detail on the web.

          Is this what you are talking about? If it is then the person to ask is the drum maker themselves. There are many people who make drums and are really good at it. There are even fewer who make them the old way from start to finish. If you get a drum from one of these families then you wont have to worry about singing the songs into the drum, it will have already been done and they will teach you the proper way to feed and care for the drum to keep it alive as well as how to sing new songs into it.
          Thats more then I was going to post but Im leaving it so people can see its more then just sticking your head down on the drum and singing a few songs.(Im not saying thats what you are doing travelingmocs)

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