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FAvorite group east of toronto?

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  • FAvorite group east of toronto?

    I was just curious to see what is your favorite eastern singing group

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    East of Toronto?

    Well my friend there just aint to many other groups east of i dunno maybe in a few years


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      EAstern eagle but of course

      :o i must satrt off by saying that eastern eagle rules the east!;)
      but there are many other drum groups out in the east that are just is good. the only problem is that the groups east of T.O. do not travel any ways... until then easten eagle rules the east....:devil
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        sorry yall!! gotta say mystic river!!!!!!! the fat guys are bad!!!!!!!


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          ;) WEll i think youi should read more carefuly..
          The post says past toronto meaning EAST!!!!!!!
          Not south of toronto....... man! :devil
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            East of T.O

            Well Connecticut is east of Toronto...eastern eagle is kinda a lil more north east....u just think they're south cause there in the states but anywayz...mystic is cho...but n-e-wayz....eastern eagle needs to travl way more....all over....


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              I think there are too many Eastern Eagle fans on here tryin to boost their popularity and ego. Anishinabe people are humble people.

              but to the point, Mystic is East of T.O. and they rule the East, their are also some good groups from northern quebec that can rock,.....also this group Redhorse.........they are pretty close in style and sound to Eastern eagle, I think redhorse is a little louder.

              True to my word.


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                I think fallendancer means "what drum group east of New Brunswick & south of Newfoundland & north of Maine & east of the bay of Fundy and bordered on the east by the Atlantic Ocean.

                Don't suggest any other drums that does not fit into this catagory.

                And only the groups that begin with the letter "E".

                Okay, got that? Now start rattling them off.


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                  The point of this thread was to include the eastern drumgroups. If anybody got ideas that ego boosting, or anything along those lines was the intention of this thread it really was not. It seems that many indian people think tribes are extinct east of toronto. People of the east love going to powwows and should be included in the powwow community. Before, I hardly seen threads dealing with eastern people, but there will be many more in the future. As mentioned in one of the reply's above there are also groups in quebec, new brunswick, and even in maine who never get recongized. As for the narrowing it down to one province. Nova Scotia does have many other singing groups. Perhaps, take time and visit us and the east and recieve some of that good hosipality that easterners offer. Then have an oppurtunity to learn what other kinds of singing groups are offered. Furthermore, what would be wrong with narrowing it down to one province, I always see polls dealing with who is your favorite singing group in Saskatchewan. There are many different singing groups in Saskatchewan, and many different singing groups in Nova Scotia. Why can't that be done without reciving such harsh critism. If so please go over to the saskatchewan polls and make the same critique please. The people of the east should have an equil voice in comparison with their western brothers. Afterall, are we not taught equality in our teachings.


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                    hey guys ! FALLEN DANCER HAS A POINT!!!!:Yell :Yell
                    YA alot of you other first nations fail to relize......
                    you guys seem to recongnize us only when we are fighting for your treaty rights ex. logging, fishing, and hunting.
                    ANd further more....if we stand up for the rights do we not deserve a voice also!!!!!!! :o
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                      Eastern Big Heads
                      Eastern Egomaniacs
                      and of course Eastern Seaguls


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                        i think this who is your favorite drum group thing is gettin outta hand. it seems like guys are just postin that kinda stuff to see if there drum groups name gets said and anyways no one would know what drum group is there favorite cause who powwows on the east coast anyways except for schemitzun. But i would too have to say mystic is by far the best over there.
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                          Plain and simple this post was to read Eastern Eagles name ...........fallen dancer you're bitter because eastern eagle wasnt invited to schemitzun this year but to be honest they should have never been invited there ever......they can't even place at Ontario powwows and that ain't saying much....Have yous EVER won a contest???..........Eastern Eagle was only invited to Schemitzun because they went as Young Nations a few years back, everyone knows this but Eastern Eagle i guess....And Mystic River is the best the East has to offer and there ain't no one in Maine or Nova Scotia or Newfieland that can hold a candle to Mystic.......nuff said


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                            :devil "no one would know what drum group is there favorite cause who powwows on the east coast anyways except for schemitzun." Dear sir or ma/ I think everyone is entitled to there own opinion. I hope you don't thing the there are no pow wows on the east coast of Canada!!!! See this is what fallendancers is exactly talking about!!! boogutz and southern vetertan are prime examples of what fallendancer is saying.. You know there ARE Pow wows past Ontario. :o
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                              Now.. now people... everyone back in their corners!! :p

                              Fallendancer was only asking who your favorite drum group was east of Toronto. No one mentioned that your favorite drum must have placed before or that they must have held "championship titles." Your favorite drum group could be a nice little-known drum or it could be the drum with the titles that go on forever.

                              Plus, we all know what drums would be everyone's favorite west of Toronto: Snake Island, Bear Creek, Northern Wind and so on. If you draw a line on the map, east of Toronto... there are a few good drums. North bay is right in line with Toronto so then maybe you could include the boys of White Tail Cree. ;) (Unless, of course, you wanna get really picky and say "that isn't East enough." Personally, I think they are purdee good. My favorite anywayz.. along with Mystic River.

                              East of Toronto drums in Canada: Smoke Trails, already mentioned White Tail Cree, RedHorse, Poplar Singers (???), a drum from Akwesasne, Indian Bay Singers (if they're still together), Waseskun (Cree - Eeyous from Waswanipi - wachiya, dah teen?), Big Stone, Golden Lake traditional drum, and there are more. My brother-in-law was in one called "Muskrat Singers" from Fredericton, NB but they're aren't together anymore... He, Percy, was an awesome singer!! (Fallen.. why not ask him??... :)... Ya'll prolly know him. Anywayz.. As I was saying... Then in the US, there is Mystic River :Thumbs, Koh-to-nah Jrs (sp?), Stoney Creek, Silver Cloud (I think they're in the east.. aren't they from around NYC??) and so on.

                              Fallendancer, I've heard Eastern Eagle sing a few times here and there. Seen them place a couple of times. Not bad at all. Like everyone else, they have their days. Just keep on singing hard boyz. I was reading some of the posts in here about EE. Take it as "constructive criticism." The plain ol' put ya down remarks ignore those but the other remarks use those to boost your sound. For instance, I think one person said to speed up your songs and sing louder. It doesn't hurt to try. It's kind of far to travel but come out west a bit more. If you wanna let people know who the Eastern Eagle singers are, show em what you got! If they won't come there, you come here AND Bring it! :Chatter

                              BTW... There are pow wows east of Toronto... maybe there aren't as many big competition pow wows with prize money "galore".. but there are still pow wows. Pow Wows aren't strictly in the west or south... they happen all over Turtle Island. A few just happen to be more well-known compared to others.

                              That's it.. that's all.
                              Last edited by Miss_Nish; 09-05-2002, 06:22 PM.
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