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Foxwoods and the true meaning of being First Nations

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  • Foxwoods and the true meaning of being First Nations

    We all know that the foxwoods hold a large powwow every year near their casino. Nevertheless, this powwow is invitation only for singing groups. It is against our ways to exculude people from celebrations. I heard that the foxwoods don't want too many people at their powwow, or do not have the finances neccessary to care for all at an event, which is the why it is invetatoin only. What should be done is that perhaps only offer honouriums to the first thirty or twenty singing groups that show up regardless of win or lose. Rather than hand picking certain singing groups. If you were go examine Gathering of the Nations powwow in the same manor they do not exclude anybody from their celebreation. Thus, making GON the true championship powwow Furthermore, can you really call a powwow the championship of song and dance when everybody is not invited to participate. For example, Wild Horse or Iron Swing was not invited to these celebrations in the past few years, and if you are a powwow person you know that these groups are heavy contenders. Furthermore, how are the up comming groups going to learn how to get better if they do not have an oppurtunity to sing along with blackstone and redbull. Singing at powwows such as this along with those groups provide a chance to the up comming groups to pick up pointers and recieve constructive critism. Please comment what you think of the foxwoods powwow?

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    Never been there, would like to check it out one year. But one thought I had on the "by invitation only" concept is, what is the criteria for getting an invite? Is there a procedure, spelled out in public, by which the group in charge selects which Drums should compete? Do they look at a certain number of other contest powwow winners and who placed, where? I was just curious about that one.
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      A lot of unconstructive complaining if you ask me......Schemitzun had an open singing competition last year. The format has changed every year and always to try and accomodate people.

      And Wilhorse has been invited there a few times, but only made it once and placed 2nd I think that year. If you talk to them they're not's tough to travel all that distance. Connecticut's a long ways. I think that's why this year they invited and paid good money to a small number of groups to lessen the hardship on them. What's wrong with that??? The dancing was still top notch. The singing was right on. The pow-wow rocked.

      I'll still make the trip next year.



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        I think that Schemitzun is a pretty tired pow-wow. It USED TO be a good one. I think that tribe treats people like we're all supposed to kiss their a** cuz they got lots of money. I think that's LAME!!
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          I am ashamed and disappointed!

          This years powwow was very disappointing. Many drums didn't show and it may very well be a result of the past biased contests. This year's was no different, the committee obviously has their favorites and they make sure that their favorites are looked after. Don't they realize that people aren't stupid and can see how things are manipulated throughout the contest? Take drum role call for example: three days in a row, drum role call was delayed until the committee's favs showed up. On one day they purposely omitted calling Mandaree in the drum role rotation because one of their singers was not sitting there. The same with Blacklodge. Blatant manipulation and politics of the drum contest.

          There were several contests going on this past weekend and the placings were just nuts! Handdrum contest was a no brainer given last year's fiasco, Blacklodge won it. I thought they would win the 49 contest too even though they weren't entered in it! But the Switch contest was even more blatant, Blacklodge won that too even though their impression of southern singing was blown away by every other drum that tried the same thing. Just give it to Blacklodge anyhoo!

          But here is the straw that breaks all the rules: Mountain Soul takes third in the old style even though they were singing everyone else's songs! I thought at this calibre of singing, groups are expected to sing their own songs in contest! Man, they even sang a Mystic River song while being judged! Give em third anyhoo because they came a long way to be there! Oh! one more thing: on Saturday a few singers from Battle River were not only drunk but were scrapping outside of the powwow tent. This was witnessed by half of the powwow and nothing was done about it. Battle River went on to win the original contest even though it said in the rules that drinking and drugs were prohibited. If caught under the influence you were to sacrifice your sessions points. Ahh Ok, what happened? Nothing! because they're Battered Liver! Rules don't apply to the committee's favs!

          All of these issues are just the tip of the iceburg. Politics is the one thing that isn't suppose to be involved within the dance arena but with Schemitzun, all the rules go out the window! I'm ashamed to be affiliated!


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            More complaining and the facts still ain't right

            Black Lodge won hand drum, but they took it easily. Nobody there really challenged them. The Boyz might have, but they missed the first day. The switch contest WAS FOR FUN!!! who cares who won that.....

            The Boyz won the contemporary contest over Black Lodge....

            the Battle River incident wasn't about alcohol or feeling the effects, but about being brothers so no more comment there...

            Mountain Soul got third 'cause if they weren't singin' everyone else's songs they would've got first.....

            And.....drum roll call is always delayed....have you ever been there when it wasn't???

            anywayz....i'm not wastin' no more time in this thread.....



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              The switch contest may have been for fun but it was also for $2000. A lot of singers cared about who won that.


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                Mr.Peqquot, you hit the nail right on the head with your assesment. and Mr.Rock you must be part of the comitee with all you bull!


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                  Say what you want....I'm not on the committee....just not a hater....

                  Check my facts though.....tell me where I'm lyin'......

                  One other point....if you don't like the pow-wow....don't go....if you just go there to find something to complain about then GET A LIFE!!

                  Otherwise as I've said, this is a lot of unconstructive complaining based on personal biases and not one fact.

                  I mean damn...the switch contest was judged by the drum who belonged to that song.....ask Cozads what they thought of Black Lodge and the 3 other drums that sang their songs and see which one they liked best if you want the truth.....and it wasn't for 2000 bucks.....I heard just 1000 at the pow-wow.

                  Sure there were things wrong with the pow-wow.....but nobody's out there blatantly fixing anything....that's my point. I just don't like seein' all this hatin'.....not the way I was brought up.

                  I'm forever disagreeing with singing results, etc. from this pow-wow, but those are my opinions on the subject...just because the results don't agree with mine doesn't mean I'm gonna go out and accuse the pow-wow committee of fixing the deal....especially without seeing proof of it.

                  I mean COME ON!!!



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                    Schemitzun = the fix is on
                    The Rock = Coyot in the house


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                      Mr Rock, I love you but you look like your talking out of your butt. You seem to half all the anwsers and inside info for somone not in the loop and you also said in your prevous post that you were not going to waste anymor time on this thread but you come back on the defensive again. Very suspicous?
                      But I am very happy that Mr. Rock is thier to oversee the judges, balots, tabulaters, and the comitee members so that their is no blatant fixing going on! Yeah right.;


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                        It seems the attendance of the Foxwoods powwow is decreasing each year. As the rock mentions above if you do not like the powwow do not attend, which seems to be the trend dealing with this particular gathering. I was just speaking to some singers that attended this pow-wow and they said that only three contempory drums participated in the drum contest. There are way too many issues surrounding the Foxwoods powwow committee, and this often serves as a sign of corruption and politics. These political issues should be non existant within the powwow community, but whenever money in involved politics will always be there. Originally, powwows were supposed to be an event of celebration and traditional practices. Nevertheless, powwows seem to be heading toward the direction of a regular mainstram dance club. If these things do not change many people will be better off just rounding up a bunch of friends and attending the local bar or pub. No respect for traditions or beliefs. Sadly enough this issue does not only exist within one singing circle. Perhaps these singing groups should go back to their roots, if not than pack up the drum and break out the guitars and bass. Afterall alternative bands do make a hell of alot more than singing groups do, and it is widely accepted to play the guitar and have a few beers.

                        As for the rock unconstructive critism is what message boars are about. If you do not like these critiques than take your own advice and stop reading these postings.
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                          I am so glad we don't WASTE OUR TIME AND MONEY out there no more! Everyone knows it's fixed. It's all about who smokes up with who...etc. There are jusst some folks out there that like the aftertaste I guess!! WHOHAAAHAHAHA! As for The Rock...boy you are just WRONG! You need to take your large head outta your anus. As for the Fallen Dancer You better check yourself because I think you bumped YOUR FRICKIN MELON!!!

                          :14: :36:

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