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    Hello everybody,
    The drum group I sing with is currently seeking buffalo hides for our drum to resurface it. Does anyone know where the best place to purchase buffalo hides is? And to the dancers and singers what in your opinion is the best sounding hide for a southern powwow drum? Thanks in advance.


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    Hey Southern Drum Singer,
    I've heard people say they have bought hides straight from the slaughter house (Cows or buffalos). If you do decide to take someone with you that can find a good hide thats not too old and dry. Some hides price rangr from $50 to $150. But hey what do I know. Oh by the wayb Southern singer What State are you from?


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      I am from North Carolina, I go to school at NC State university. You know I didn't even think of getting it straight from the slaughter house. Thanks



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        If you go to foodtv, they may still have the listing for a place that sells buffalo meat.
        They never said what the did with the hides. It was out of Montana.


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          Try They have natural and bleached cow and buffalo hides.

          If you are what you eat.... I'm fast, cheap and easy.


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            Why are y'all so intent on making a drum using buffalohide? 99.5% of the drums made in OK in the last 100+ years were/are made from cowhide. The other .5% are horse hide.

            If you want to do something in a good way, donate a beef to a powwow committee...feed the people. Use the hide from that beef for your drum.

            Another option is to go to OK and contract with a drum maker...Wyley Littlecreek and Dewey Crane come to'll get an excellent drum.
            Cat & Dog ...Another white meat.


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              Originally posted by MrRuminator:

              If you want to do something in a good way, donate a beef to a powwow committee...feed the people. Use the hide from that beef for your drum.

              Oh yeah, go here to check & see if the beef you donate has mad cow disease ;-)
              Cat & Dog ...Another white meat.


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                Oh S*** I think just ate that last one at the feed late weekend. Not good, not good.
                Tha-ke'-tha-pi Wa-kon-ta


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                  That was fun! Kids and I were all laughing!! Thanks for posting it!

                  cricket :D


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