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Gathering of Nations Head Drum Judges

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  • Gathering of Nations Head Drum Judges

    Well just to let all you singers know this year at Gathering of Nations there will be women appointed to hold the position of Head Drum Judge.

    Southern: Sunny Rose YellowMule
    Northern: Delia Waskewitch (excuse my spelling)

    Anyways the point of this is that I think it is down right wrong for these women to have excepted these positions. As a singer Im am highly offended, you other singers out there who can relate on what it is like to put in years, hours, sacrificing to learn and carry these traditions of this Drum on.
    I think the powwow commitee has made a big mistake overlooking all the many qualified singers and Drum Keepers out there, Southern and Northern.
    Sure these ladies both sing backup with very good drums............but they don't know what it's like to sit there hour after hour thinking of which song to sing for what, wether it be contest song, special, snake dance etc.
    yes women play a certain role at our drums but to a certain extent. But the role of a Head Drum Judge should be a male plain and simple, I mysef have never seen a women sittin around a drum at a Drum Ceromony or asked to be drum keeper or even asked to be head singer we all have a role and know whats appropriate and whats not , sooner or later other commities are gonna see this and think it's okay to overlook more qualified individuals.
    What do ya'll think?
    I think drums should protest by not showing up.
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    head singing judges

    Well...i'll start off by sayin....G.O.N aint nothing but a big new age powwow anyway some whats the differnce on who the head judges are...i'll tell one thing for sure...delia and sonny are some of the most fair people and singers around....they prolly wont be judging them selves but they have a differnt ideas on who to pick for judges thats all man....i think they'll do a good job in my books....ur just scared they wont pick ur drum thats all...but it'll be a fare singing contest this year (for once) anywayz laterz


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      I agree with lil boy singer...G.O.N is jsut another new age powwow but who's to say that Delia and Sonny wont do a great job.. I bet I can say that Delia has been singin longer and harder than alot of singers today and I bet she sure knows her stuff...Sonny and Delia are fair and for once maybe G.O.N wont have drum winners that they just to see place...fairness is what counts not what you want to see
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