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    All the southern singers out there let me know something. How high is too high to take a southern lead up, say the third and fourth time through the song when the lead is seconded at a shorter it possible to take it too high? Just curious....yall reply back.....Thanks


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    I have seen it go real real high, it just depends how awsome the song is and who leads it. Now I could be wrong and I am sure someone will correct me......TMS
    If I do not know the answer someone else will!!!!
    Also forgive me, this system does not have a spell check so forgive the bad spelling


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      Well, the folks I sing with generally go a lot higher than I do, so it hasn't been a problem for me (when leading). I'd say a good general ground rule is, if you can't make it through the entire lead line without help (never count on the second coming in early), it is probably too high, and if no one can second you, it is definitely too high.

      On the flip side, if you sing a song too low, it will sound dead, slow and tired. Finding that happy middle ground can be tough.


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        As long as it doesn't sound like you are screaming. If they have words you can't hear them. That goes for women too. If a woman singer is too much higher that the men itdoes not sound good.


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          I ain't no expert singer, but I suppose it's too high if your eyeballs pop out and yesterday's frybread shoots out your mouth and hits the guy across from you's forehead! :D


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            its never too high your not out there to look good your out there as a servant to make people feel good to make the dancers dance to make your self and all the other singers feel good.dont go sing if you just want money our are trying to get people to look at you if your there freakin sing no matter whos starting the song.if they sing high as shyt you catch them or dont bother
            learn it,live it love it!


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              the drum i sing with, the gunslingers has a wide array of voices. some high, some lower. that causes good harmony. i sing lower, so i dont try to strain to hit the high notes, it would sound bad. southern singing is suppose to reflect deep, strong sounds of the plains. but, to answer, if it feels good and sounds good, do it


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                (gunslinger )
                southern singing is suppose to reflect deep, strong sounds of the plains. but, to answer, if it feels good and sounds good, do it

                What do you mean by this statement, This is the most ridiculous thing I have ever heard. Those that choose to sing low are those do not have the voice to sing high. There is nothing like kicking a song high. Thats what makes it sound good and make the dancers get into the music.

                Historically, You can listen to any number of southern plains singers and hear the high singing. If you listen to old war dance tapes you can hear Sylvester Warrior among many others sing so that high others can hardly follow him. Head to the Southwest and hear Mac Whitehorse and the Ohomah lodge and they almost sound northern. Sure southen singers dont use the high pitched falsetto vocal range but we do kick it high.

                BTW, I thought the gunslingers were group from the 40's and 50's in SW OK that specialized in round dance and 49 singing?

                Brown Hornet


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                  How high is too high? Now that's a dam good question, one in which there is no definate answer. First of all you have to figure out what is to high for YOU. Because what might be to high for you may be just right for me. I must say I have sat at drums where they get ridiculously high, so dam high it doesn't sound good because there is only one or two guys trying to catch the guy who jacked it up there, it also isn't the prettiest site in the! If you have a drumgroup....and you are the lead..get to know what the boys can do, don't take off and leave all your boys behind, there is no harmony in that, and there are groups that do that. I heard one old man talk about how much he loved to sing, but when they would jack the song up, he just sat back, because it was to high for him. Then when the song was coming down he would join in. But, all in all, I think it is too high when all that can hang are only two or three guys, even if I am one of those is still too high, because everyone else gets left behind, and it takes some spirit out of the song when it is like that. Just my lil opinions on this subject. ;)


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                    If you look like this:Yell or this:Eyepopper or this:JawDrop or this :dontknow: it's probably too high.


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