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    I was wondering do you think women should grass dance?

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    For me personally, I've been told it's up to the individual and that we should respect their decision...
    So, no, I guess I don't mind


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      there are special contest for that called switch dances...

      [ October 11, 2001: Message edited by: TrueWarrior ]


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        I personally feel the same way as far as women should dance women dances and about being a balance...I asked the question because I've seen it done. But again I also think those who do should be respected too. And BOB man!!! You are going soft on me no insults today eh? *lol* Thanks for chilling out bob.. :)
        Another thing is I wanted to see if there was mixed feelings about this or does everybody agree the same way.
        Thanks for answering :)


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          It's hard for me to say either way... I have seen some female grass dancers dance circles around guys. but u can look in the archive... this was brought up before... and see what others have commented

          Work like you don't need the money, Love like you've never been hurt, and Dance like no one is watching.


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            Can I dance fancy shawl?
            The brighter the light, the deeper the shadow.


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              just response to last dude who posted a while ago on this ya can not dance fancy shawl*lol*...look kinda weird a man wearing a fancy shawl dress wouldn't it eh?:Chatter


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                I know a couple of places where men dance womens' dances and they are not look down upon.
                Back in the day, these sort of people were revered and respected so as I said in my last post, it's up to the individual and what is in their heart.
                el oso
                PS, I have danced womens' fancy and jingle in my time. I got beat out by Randy Paskemin in a switch dance once, he is very good! :D:Chatter


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                  I dont think I would be a godd fancy shawl. Ever see a 300 pound fancy shawl dancer? It would make a good comic strip!:dontknow:
                  The brighter the light, the deeper the shadow.


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                    Itokasniye--Yes I've seen a 250-300 lb fancy shawl dancer and a jingle dancer! Of course, they were both switch dancers but they were absolutely hilarious and really got into their acts! I think this was at Grand Ronde in August 2000.

                    God, I would love to see Randy Paskemin switch dancing, not to mention a few others I can think of :D Bring some macho guys down a few pegs, eh? :Angel2


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                      "Back in the day" there were a few women that were warriors like the men. Today there are many lady veterans. If this is the case, then why shoudn't women dance men's styles if they want to?

                      Some folks talked about "balance." I understand where you're comin' from, but the folks from way back lived a more "balanced" life yet they revered the women warriors, too.

                      Not trying to start a feud, just putting forth a different perspective.
                      Don't sweat the petty things and don't pet the sweaty things.


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                        okay now i know and since i do i now feel sheepish..
                        i guess i just never seen men dancing jingle or fancy shawl..
                        is that common in the southern states ?:o


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                          hay just noticed yar in chicago...whollly tolllleeeeddddooooo here :D
                          hay when is the next chicago powwow?


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                            Women Grass Dancer

                            Hey, in response to your original question, I have just one story.

                            I have a cousin named Alicia Richardson, who I personally think is bad as hell. Well, Alicia hung out at pow-wows for years, wanting to dance, but not knowing what style. She kept feeling like she wanted to be a part of the circle, but could not decide on what dance style. So one night, over dinner, she looked at me and said, "I really am feeling grass dancing." So we talked about it. And we read about it and we prayed about it. I personally was just so happy that sistergirl had found a way to enter the circle, I didn't want to discourage her. So, she began her journey as a woman's grass dancer.

                            Now, it was an upward climb, many people were hard nosed, no!! This can not happen. But this is what she FELT. When people realized that she was serious, the grassdancers of the area helped her put together her regalia. They taught her how to dance. They showed her the moves.

                            Alicia blossomed as a grass dancer. She was a good grass dancer, and enjoyed doing it. She danced on the NC/VA circuit for about 2 years, before deciding to take a break. She was criticized by an very tradish grass dancer who happened to see her at Hollister, but after I talked to him and encouraged him to speak with her, he sat with her and talked for a good while. He didn't have to agree with what she was doing, but explain to her why he didn't agree with her. This was good for the both of them. They both walked away with a good handshake.

                            My whole point is this: Sometimes our babies have diff callings. We have responsibilities to keep the culture alive within them - we may not always agree with all of their choices. It is still our responsibility to keep the culture alive within them. When they feel that sense of belonging, then we have all done our job.

                            And this was not way back in the day - this happened 4 years ago - she came out as a grassdancer in 1998, and danced until the end of 1999 before stopping. I know that she will be back in the circle, as a grassdancer, if that's what her heart desires.

                            Thanks for allowing me to share.
                            Everything is gonna be alright!

                            Be blessed - got love???

                            This b me.....



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