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Who do you think has the best quality recording?

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  • Who do you think has the best quality recording?

    Turtle Island Music
    Red Rock Music
    Indian House

    You make the decision????????

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    I dont really like the way Sunshine Records produces their albums. They sound way out of whack, like you can only hear one singer and nobody else.
    I actually hate the idea of making a studio recording. I'd prefer the idea of a live recording over anything else. When your singing live is the real sound of the drum. The studio is just a curtain to hide behind I think.
    I like Arbor Records and Turtle Island Music just to answer the question.


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      i cant stand turtle island anymore. it sounds so fake, and electronic. not natural at all. indian house 1st, then canyon.
      wacipi records too, when they were putting stuff out, and them again when they decide to get back in.
      rez cue records also, but i heard they went under? not sure if thats true.
      sunshine is crap. sweetgrass and noon records made some good quality recordings.


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        I would have to say Indian House as well. It's good to see them finally recording the northern groups. Arbor does sound alright but they scam groups from right under their nose.

        Red Rock is a new label and they sound pretty decent.

        But how true is the Rez Cue going under? I know Midnite, and Mystic were making seperate recordings this past August. What's the deal?



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          Canyon has the best quality for powwows, I like Indian House for traditional the stomp dance cds vol 1 and 2 they put out were really good quality, did my people proud. I hate the companies that alter the sound of the drum group, like S.O.A.R. on the GON cds; some of the songs on those cds sound wierd, or the volume is distorted between the lead and when everyone comes in, like the song is artificially produced or something.


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            Seems like recording companys come and go.....I enjoy listening to Featherstone recordings. Canyon and Indian House are good too.

            Tell ya what would be a good poll though. Ask Singers how they have been treated by some of those record labels. For instance when a label records you without your permission. Can't forget the fine print also. Generally folks are on the up and up, but the stories I could share, OH HEE
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              interesting topic, I like it. I'm familiar with all of these companies. I can't pick one that I prefer off the top of my head though. I'll have to listen and get back to you guys.

              So who is handling Midnite Express? That is a group that I have had rave reviews on and so far haven't come up with their distributor. Whom is it? Maybe you guys know them directly, if so, please email me, [email protected] , I'd appreciate that very much, thank you. Would like to get our paws on their jams.

              Rezcue records will be recording Dry Lake (Ft. Belknap, MT) on the 4th of July there, just a little tidbit of info. That's what they told us last week. Congratulations to them! :clap:

              All in all, I agree with every one of you. Hold up, WACIPI which recorded Elk Whistle with the "Ten Years Later..." cd had awesome clarity. I enjoy that cd very much because you can hear the music very well. However, I think their volume for the singers could have been higher.

              Just my thoughts! Thanks! :Thumbs
              :p cool indin woman :p


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                john arkeketa


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                  I like this subject.....

                  I have to agree that Canyon does do some great live recordings. I like them and Indian House. However, I also see the groups getting ripped off through contract's that they really don't care much to read. (When they should be reading it.) Some or worded that their songs now belong to the recording company. It's there. I seen it. Kinda lame that way. Then they get reeled in by the promises of cash up front and maybe some silk screened jacket's. Big deal!! Jacket's are a dime a dozen when ordered in bulk and silkscreened by the same company. Lead Singers!! Read those Contract's carefully!! Please!!!

                  I do have some good things to say about the way Creative Native Productions handles things. The recording are getting better and better. Midnite Express is currently doing their third CD with this lable. I like it because the owner is Native and the reocording's you make with him are yours. And from there on Copy Righted. No contract either. Basically a good "NDN Handshake"(which holds allot of water here in the mid-west) and some agreeing words. In the final stages the Singer's can be at the studio when it is mastered and get an agreed amount of CD's to sell with an excellent price to buy from Creative Native when they need more for the trail. Not bad huh? If anyone need's more information on this guy. His name is Bob. Send me a "Private Message" and I'll send it to you.

                  Just some of my thoughts...............


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                    I like Sweet Grass Recording out here in Canada, I think because that is who we have recorded with and am not famailiar with ones in the states, however by word of mouth I hear some great things about Canyon. They treat singers good is what I hear. QuAlitywise though I like the sound of Sweet Grass Records......
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                      I also like sweet grass records...i thin canyon record is alright...but i like how sweet grass records all those canadian drum groups all sound...then i like turtle island sounds...all the drums on there...but yeah iwould say sweet grass records. ;)


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                        I like Arbor records recording, they have clarity and little background noise and a good full range sound. They have been getting some good groups on their label too. They also have a cool website.

                        Shortwave records from the U.S. northwest makes outstanding recordings as well. They make you feel like the drum is next to you. Only thing is they don't record too many drums. But when they do it is a quality recording.

                        Wacipi, Canyon, Noon, Sweetgrass, Turtle Island make good recordings too.

                        Sunshine and Indian House have too much background noise on their recordings.

                        Soar Productins gets too much bass in their recordings


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                          canyon records has the best recordings out there now...i like how they add the nice inside jackets for the cd's thats like a cheap bonus...think of it this way...listen to THA TRIBES cds and then listen to them live...*L* man i cant wait to hear the new one from midnite express... if someones got a URL for creative native let me know or pass it on here...
                          thanks dad for showing me the way, teaching me the language, and not leaving my mother...*L*

                          *RoUg3 MoD sTaTuS*


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                            I would have to say canyon and arbor. I am not too on for studio recordings cause they don't sound too energized and they aren't "jammin" but on live recordings it is cool because the singers are into it!


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                              Arbor and Canyon sound the BEstest!!!!!!!!


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