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    about 20yrs ago, a drum from canada was given to
    our rezervation. it was to help in the guidence of our youth.
    since then we have had 3 different drums come out of the rez
    we sing our own jams, in our tribal language. we take care of the drum as if he is grandpa( someone we cannot see but know he is there). we sing for our past ones and for the youth to be.
    Iam of the 3rd drum and going to college. i have a health class and have to do a speach or presention on a subject. i have chossen the drum and how it brought us, the youth together. it will be under spiritual health. does anyone got any advise or any kinda help. for right now iam thinking of setting up the drum and blasting a few jams then take some Q and A.

    thank you
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    the drum huh? kool

    keep it reel. do not get mad at your singers for mistakes cause they are only human. make and sing your own songs, that way you will never get heck from anybody. get a good p.a. system (no too loud like some groups do) and every thing else will fall into place.


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      hey thanks for the words, we are in the making of getting a
      P.A. as for singing our own jams. the first drum learned the hard
      way. thats why they told use to sing our own songs, it was told to us that we are singing to the blessing of the people. and that our drum should create a ripple effect to the people around us. hey thanks for the reply guy... later


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        Sonny comes from one of the jammin'est drums in NDN country. I would greatly value what he has to say. Me, well I'm just starting out but our "fearless leader" is an elder-in-traing (50's) who has been around the block a few times. This Sunday he has invited a group from the local junior college to hear us sing, basically doing the same thing your idea is, but he is having them over to his house (just a logistical thing, I'm not saying you need to invite the entire pickin' college to yer pad). Oh, I guess that means I have plans this Sunday.

        Thanks fer reminding me!! :D
        "Friends don't let friends drink decaf..."
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          thanks for the reminder i got to round up the crew
          for an up coming powwow, we gots to get ready for next year.
          practice through the winter. start saving our cans, yup and making plans.
          later TuleBear


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            hey, whats your drum name, just curious, cuz i might have seen you guys before.


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              Right now were going under "Painted RocK," theirs seven of us
              strong. we also got a young youth group coming right behind us,
              their the "Red Boys." maybe in a couple of years we'll combine
              and be the "Red RocK Singers."


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                Good luck to you, but I'd drop the "singers" part of your future name and just go with "Red Rock". We all know you are singers. Just my 2 cents:)


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