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Drum Hoping?

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  • Drum Hoping?

    Last edited by thughboy; 01-05-2004, 09:25 AM.

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    People getting beat up for drum hopping. What kind of Powwows do you go to?


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      Drum Hopping

      I seen at powwows and people never fuss about it.
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        i dont think ppl should make a big deal about it, iffn its a lil powwow and there arent very many drums there, or if the drum contest rules of that particular powwow dont have a problem with it then hey hop away! lol so you wanna sing wit these buddies here, and then go and sing wit sum other buddies over there ~~~> whats the big deal?
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          When I go to dances in this area and friends from other drums hop on our drum, it seems expected that some of our singers hop in with them for a song or two. It's kind of saying that we're all pals.
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            i like to drum hop every now and again. what a way to learn a new song.
            plus i drum hop to help singers who are having a hard time with a song even though i might do more harm than help but i tried. peace


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              Hip-a-dee, Hop, Hop..Hip-a-dee, Hop, Hop.......I agree with all depends on where your at and what the rules are for that area, but if its a smaller powwow, around here, and I like the song...I usually go and help out
              Just my three cents....................laterz.


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                Drum hopping is a common thing around this area. The one thing for sure that all these hoppers do is either give tobacco to the drum keeper or simply just touch the drum when the song is over and place that hand to your heart and throat. Showing your respect to the drum keeper and the drum is what needs to be done if you wanna drum hop. Other than that I dont really care about hopping.


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                  Well as long as it's OK with the leadsinger and there isn't some prohibition by the powwow committee I don't see why there should be a problem. "All things in moderation" - yes there are some people who hop so much you wonder who exactly they sing with "usually". And then I've seen small powwows where three drums who know each other really well show up, and just about all three groups hop from drum to drum and sing (I don' t like to see a drum abandon with no one sitting there either, just my 2c).

                  There was a powwow out near Portland, OR where the elders specifically requested that no drum hopping be allowed and it was put in the flier.
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