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Eagle feathers, how do you clean them?

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  • Eagle feathers, how do you clean them?

    My daughters have danced for years and now that my oldest is a young women, I am allowing her to wear her eagle feathers that were given to her some years ago.

    What is the respectful way of cleaning the plumes, tail and wing feathers. I keep them in a feather box, but we all know that accidents do happen without intention. I want to respect the feathers in every way as I have done thus far.
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    I don't know what to do about plumes, but putting your feathers over alittle bit of steam will usually add a little shine back to them and enouph moisture for you to kinda comb them back into shape with your fingers.


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      Being a Northern Traditional dancer..I have cleaned the feathers by using a spray bottle with water. Although I haven't cleaned the plumes..would just be very careful!
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        cleaning plumes

        A lady I met occasionally cleans her plumes. She swirles her plumes in soapy water, rinses them in clean water thoroughly, and uses a blow-dryer to dry them. Her plumes always look great. (Supposedly sweat, makeup, and dust get on the plumes and make 'em grungy looking).
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          DCP - that works great.:Thumbs


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            i got my cleanin tips from mr. darrel tso himself...:D LOL
            He washes them in wool-lite in the tub. i bought a separate container for washing...cuz stink buttz are washed in the tub :D LOL. anywho, run cold water and add yer wool-lite...NOT ALOT THO...bout a few capfuls anywho...whatever the directions say. Then swish them around in the water a bit then let them soak fer about 5 minutes and swish em out a lil bit more.....rinse em off and blow dry em. the plumes will come out nice n fluffy and the tail n wing feathers will come out nice n clean. and they'll smell real purdee afterwards :D


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