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How did your drum pick its name?

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  • How did your drum pick its name?

    Just wanted to know how you drums out there picked the groups name?


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    Red Blanket Singers

    One of our Elders was listening to us practice at a social. when we took a break she told us that when we sing it makes her fell warm & good just like this blanket. The Blanket was Red
    (Nanticoke Lenni-Lenape)


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      drum names

      Man, as corney and hokey as it may sound... in a dream I had one night.

      The person said that it was time for change, but to do it gentle, like a breeze, not hard, like a storm...

      Change in Breeze Singers
      Follow your bliss!


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        EEE NI MEANI MINE EEE MO>>>>>>>



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          How did your drum pick its name?

          Northwest Medicine Horse Singers

          Our drum keeper Mr. Fred Hoptowit Jr., Yakama, had a grandfather who had a horse from the Medicine Valley area on the Yakama reservation. Whom he called a "Medicine Horse" that had expectional instincts to carry out instructions from this man and Fred helped feed this horse until its passing. Our drum group first started out by traditional Yakama ceremony at the Toppenish Creek Longhouse in White Swan, WA. explaining this story with endorsement of Mr. Hoptowit's family. We let people know that this drum was called the "Medicine Horse Singers" endorsing sobriety, healing and fellowship with other Native Americans or First Nations people

          Since our inception to the pow-wow circle I have revised our name to the "Northwest Medicine Horse Singers" to sustain our individual identity and also because we now have members from various places and tribes throughout the Northwest in our group. Our current drum is being hand painted by one of our drum members Mr. John Moses Sr. which will have our sacred Medicine Horse on it and all our drums made in the future will feature our sacred horse on it. Ah-Ho!
          Northwest MH


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            The group names in our area mostly come from an elder close to the group. Some young guys new to singing who don't know this just try to pick a cool name. Sometimes they find out later and they ask one of the community elders to help them. Feasting the drum is important in our area too. This only applies to our specific area. Anishinaabe - Southern Ontario.

            Your nation may be different. Could be different to Anishinaabeg in other areas.

            Hope this helps. Check with some of the seasoned singers where you come from.


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              EYA-HEY NAKODA


              Our name comes from our people - the Nakoda From the Mountains. We were picking names and were stuck between Stoney Nation or Eya-Hey Nakoda in Nov,1994 at a pow-wow in Vancouver British Columbia. Desi Rider and Gavin Ear went to register while the rest of us went to get the P.A. system. At roll call the M.C. called us Eya-Hey Nakoda and the name was born. We have not attempted to change it even if some M.C.'s have problems pronouncing it. The elders from our rez were extremely pleased that we called our group EYA-HEY NAKODA.


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                Warbonnet Singers: our elder's family name. Our families are mostly transplants from South Dakota, Montana or Minnesota.

                I notice that many Northwest drums are named for creeks, rivers and other geography near the drums' homes, such as Lonesome Creek, Toppenish Creek, White River, Quelcena Creek, Windy Point, Spearish, Skagit Valley.
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                  Thanks guys for the help just tryin to figure one out for a drum I'm gonna start soon.

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                    Thank You all for sharing


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                      Our drum chose its name after our great, great, great grandfather whom we've never met. BUt supposedly all us singers are related through this individual who we have taken his name for our drum name.


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