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Up and comin drum groups!?!?!

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  • Up and comin drum groups!?!?!

    Who does everyone think is the drums we should watch out for?? And is there anyone that was at IICOT christmas powwow that heard our crew Black Bear Creek? If so wat u think?

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    Hey man-heard you guys at IICOT.....let me say yall have alot of potential. I think the people sittin in with yall messed up the tempo of some songs and made the whole drum look repsonsible. get all that taken care of and you guys are ready to roll HOKA!!!


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      i saw you guys there. you guys were jammin out hard. i like that last song you guys did. there was women every where. all the leads were tite. some of those guys kept messing you guys up i think it was that guy with the glasses and the white shirt. he kept messing the beat up and voice was scratchy. at least he is trying. other than that you guys are ready for the trail


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        Black Bear Creek .... Pawnees?

        There is another drum from the Dallas area called Black Bear. I hope they get some exposure this coming year because they are a pretty decent drum group!
        Powwows will continue to evolve in many directions. It is inevitable.


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