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  • how young is too young?

    I'm a 24 yr. old single mother of a 4 yr. old boy who is set on dancing traditional. His father drums with Whitetail and my ex sings with Mskwa Noodin. This has enabled my boy to travel the pow wow trail for the past two years. He's already started his own drum group at his daycare which is so cute! :)
    My question is, is 4 years old too young to dance? He's already demonstrating the traditional dance down to a tee and says he'd like to be a drummer and a dancer.
    Now, I'm pretty much new to all this as my parents are dedicated catholics. lol.. yeah, I know.. poor me. I'd like very much for my son to follow this path and I'd like to learn myself.
    Any suggestions in regards to ethics and designing a traditional outfit would be greatly appreciated!
    Chi Miigwetch (thanks)
    Baamaa Miinwaa (until next time)
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    :1Party: :1Party: :1Party: :1Party:

    Start makin' an outfit, quick!

    I might personally suggest the boy consider start with Grass style, unless you have a bustle or someone who is willing to make a bustle for Boys' Tradish. I've also seen some fairly young athletes doing Fancy, infact I know a Hoop dancer who dances Fancy and so do both of his twin 7yr old boys - both dance Hoop and one of them dances Fancy. Of course, your elders and community are the best help for teaching him how to respect feathers and any sacred items you are inclined to let him wear over the years.

    I've seen boys as young as 5yrs dancing very impressively. Here in the Seattle area, this one kid named "Mario" has been giving experienced men's tradish dancer a run for their money from even a very young age! My friend's 10yr old son, Hehaka is also getting well known out here for his old-style moves.

    Traditionally, your boy would dance in regalia for the first time after being brought out onto the dance area by an experienced dancer - usually in his dance style. This is best done by a close family friend, or if you have a significant-other who is a dancer then he'd do it. There is usually a big presentation made at the powwow, with an honor song and an honor dance led by your boy and the person bringing him out. Be sure to honor the drum and head staff with a gift or donation for doing this, and of course a public giveaway is always appropriate and accumulating items for it is probably the most tedious task.

    DANCERS: Throw in your 2c here!!:33:
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      first of all, i don't think 4 years old is too young at all. it's good to start teaching them good things at a young age. also, i agree with the advice given by wakalapi.

      good luck!


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        get him going quick, i love watching those young trad dancers kickin it up. puts a lump in my throat.


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          As soon as your child can walk!!


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            ask his dad or ex step dad to hook him up. . .or at least their family. they could probably help. i started my son on grass and am holding off on having him dance with his hawk bustle. family and friends were a big help.


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              I like see'n the young kids dancin. I always think the younger they start the better they'll become. I've always wished that I started at a younger age.



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                Originally posted by Nate Brown
                I like see'n the young kids dancin. I always think the younger they start the better they'll become. I've always wished that I started at a younger age.

                you are a youngin, bro:Chatter


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