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  • Bustle Storage

    I just wanna find out how everyone out there stores their bustles when traveling and at home. If they differ. Do you unstring both primary and secondary? Or do you leave on the primary? Also what do you store it in and what works best for storage?

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    at home i hang mine on the wall, but on the road, i put mine in a plastic box (from wal-mart) that has csome cedar chips in it


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      My bustle only has a single row; I usually store it in a plastic bin w/ cedar chips just as Tigger says... works well and keeps the feathers looking good.


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        I use the same method as Tigger. Hang it on the wall at home and in a plastic bin when traveling.


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          Got to go with everyone else on this so far...plastic box and cedar/sweetgrass braid. Has worked pretty well so far. My bustle is just one row, so I untie it from the base and kina "roll" the feathers up.


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            i take and roll both inner and outer layer up for traveling...packed in my suitcase...with my home it is all hanging on the wall

            can't do the plastic box thing...traveling to a powwow with other dancer or in a van with the group henders u tend to compact

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              I use one of those big plastic toolboxes (from Walmart or Home Depot) to store mine. I found one with some smaller compartments on the top lid, which is nice to keep safet pins and other spare things in. My bustle breaks down completely, so I am able to fit it into the box. I like the fact that the tool box has a handle to use when carrying. It's also fairly compact.

              Also, I had some trouble with mites while I was building my bustle. Cedar didn't get rid of them. To get rid of them, I put them in a box with paradichlorobenzene (also available at Walmart). The mites aren't a problem anymore, but I've been too afraid to store the bustle with anything else because I don't want the mites to come back. Has anyone else had this problem?

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                For smaller Round Bustles, fastening it into a bass drum ("roadie's") case from the local music store is protective and convenient. The additional depth can also accommodate other items fastened to the lid, etc. depending on the depth of your bustle.
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                  My one bustle I take apart and roll into a container that I made out of vent pipe and wood for the covers. My second bustle fits into a plastic container similiar to one of those tool boxes.


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                    my dad and i built a box especially for my bustle. it's a little overkill, but it keeps the bustle looking nice longer.


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                      I break mine down and put it in a hangbag which i will never do again cause it roughed it up pretty bad. Next time im going with a plastic box.


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                        Bustle storage

                        As far as bustle storage goes. On the way to the pow wow nothing beats the plastic storage bins. And at home stored in the same plastic bin. Now if I am traveling on the airplane I have to break it completely down by untying the primary and secondary feathers and neatly packing it in a large compartmentalized suitcase. By the way I have no problems with air transport to Alaska or Hawaii. If you know your gear and are in tune with it you can store everything in its right place. Always double check where and how you store your feathers and especially when you close or secure the compartments. My 2 cents worth.



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                          Rolled Storage

                          After some trial and error for a few years I discovered a great way to store a bustle.

                          The design I finally came up with utilizes only two clips for the main spikes. After undoing these clips the bustle is rolled up. The rolling actually preserves the feathers because it similates the same natural way feathers are at rest when a bird closes his wings.

                          Then the bustle is stored in a tube. The same kind of tube used for storing blue prints, art work, etc. The tubes are covered with padded balistic nylon and has a hand/shoulder carrying strap.

                          These tubes can be made in various lenghts and diameters. I have tubes for my roaches and dance staffs also.

                          The covers can be personallized with your name, logo, tribe, etc.

                          Now for the ultimate in protection - I use tubes that can be sealed. I put a few of those Silica Pouches and some Cedar Blocks in and use a Hydrometer to keep the Humidity at the proper level.

                          You can have these customed made, buy them at an art supply store or make your own with PVC pipe, and even the heavy rolls that paper and floor coverings come on if you can get them from the store. Then decorated it as you wish with paints or cover it with material from any fabric store.

                          And beleive it or not all this is not that expensive. I made one for my friend with PVC pipe from Lowes, fabric from a local fabric store, a vacum seal bag from Wal-Mart and a hydrometer from an old thermoter weather center.
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                            i usually just fold the row in half and lay it flat on something. i'm just mostly worried about messing up the edges of the feathers. but for when i travel i roll it b/c the traveling is never really that long and won't do that much damage- i figure.

                            the last time i flew anywhere with my outfit, i found my bustle fit just about perfectly into a triangular box that i got at the post office (for posters and things). it was a little cramped, but it was great for keeping it all together and compact on the plane. and of course, it fit safetly into the overhead compartments! ;)


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                              i keep my bustle in a cardboard box....with the box folded in half....long wayz... it makes it easy to travel with:D


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