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    Wassup all you traditional men? I need some help. My bustle keeps folding over and won't stay open. What is the best thing to use for a centerpiece? What do you guys use? Thanks.


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    Most guys I know use a rosette. But I have seen mirrors, pieces of strap leather with pictures burned into them, Compact Dics, Guess it depends on what you want. When I get mine finished, I plan to put a rosette in the center.
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      A lot of peeps dont really use a center piece. I dont use one because it makes the bustle flow and look better when you dont have one. Or what you can do is make a smaller one that doesnt limit the movement of the sides of the bustle. Thats the best thing, it covers up the center, but doesnt take away alot from the movement


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        i prefer the method of putting a rosette up on some sort of spacer so it's not flat against your feathers and your back board. it gives your bustle a lot more movement, yet still holds it back from folding flat. some people use thread spools or film canisters, something that is narrow and just long enough to give your bustle some room to move.

        so i've got a rosette on a cd (for stability- and you can't see the cd) up on a film canister with hackles around it to make it look pretty :D :D


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          The centerpiece that I currently use consists of one of those "fish-eye" mirrors and a row of red fiber sewn "roach-style" onto a piece of rawhide. I like the fact that it holds my busle open and hides the base of the feathers while allowing the bustle to have some sway.


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            Bustle fold over remedy

            It is called tension resistance. There are a number of mechanical factors that contribute bustle fold over. The most common one that I hear is that the the bustle is overly tight and as with any object that is over tightened it has to exert the energy somewhere. Another factor is that the backboard is not big enough to accommodate the length of the bustle. There are some common remedies that will in loosen the bustle to allow it to flow naturally. One do not overly tighten the bustle to the backboard and make sure that the feathers are spaced out evenly. Secondly, I use a spacer that comes up from the center of the backboard with a rosette attached. Thirdly, on a Northern Traditional outfit I have posts(tensioners) on the top of the backboard, where the bustle is attached. These are my remedies and if anybody as any more please reply. I hope I described what works for me. My 2 cents.



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              I wouldn't recommend using CD's... unless you have some extra when they break.

              Use something that will give just a little. Either cut a piece of rawhide, or a piece of latigo, or some other stiff material. If you are planning on covering it up, then theres no need to worry about decorations.

              dmoccasin is correct about the tension method. There is a way to string the bustle in relation to the posts and backboards to prevent it from folding over. I however haven't figured the combination out yet.

              I do have a backboard that I've always used, and my bustle never folds over. If you need any help send me an email, or IM...:D
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